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The Health Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

I'll admit, when I first heard about dry skin brushing I was skeptical. I had no idea how important the skin was for our health.  In our society, we are just used to slathering on make-up, lotion and perfume that not only clogs our skin but it all contains toxic ingredients that can cause hormonal disruption.  If you have any skin issues like dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis you do not ... Read the Post

Redefining Postpartum Depression

Why We Need to Start Advocating for Better Care of Women During the Postpartum Period There is such a horrible stigma that goes around because of the way the medical community treats illness.  Things like anxiety, depression and postpartum depression are NOT mental illnesses.  They do not mean you are "broken".  If that were true, then we certainly have a LOT of people out there ... Read the Post

Copper Imbalance: Looking Beyond Copper Toxicity

 Copper Imbalance or "toxicity"? In the world of mineral balancing you'll come across the term "copper toxicity" often. While it's true that many people suffer with a toxic excess of copper, the reality is that many people also suffer from copper deficiency. People end up in the state because of a deficiency in the copper binding protein ceruloplasmin.  Whether you call it copper ... Read the Post