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Minerals: What they are used for and where to find them!

All about Minerals! I wanted to make this post because there is one misconception about minerals that I hear often. Some people will say, "Oh I took magnesium/zinc/vitamin C, but it didn't work for me." The thing is, minerals don't just "work"- they are ESSENTIAL to life. Minerals are known as the spark plugs of life- we cannot look at them like we look at pharmaceuticals that are created for ... Read the Post

All About Vitamins

Vitamins: What they are for, and where you can find them! Since my massive mineral post was a big hit, I knew I had to make a similar one for vitamins. In the world of mineral balancing, we know that vitamins and minerals have a strong relationship.  We need some minerals for proper vitamin use, and vice versa. Again, when it comes to fixing vitamin deficiencies, we have to aim for a ... Read the Post

How to Fix your Metabolism with HTMA

The Nervous System and Oxidation Ratio on HTMA The HTMA shows us a bit of an idea on what state your nervous system is in. Slow oxidation (underactive thyroid and adrenal glands) point to a parasympathetic dominance and a sluggish metabolism.  Fast oxidation (over-active adrenals and thyroid) points to a sympathetic dominance and a fast metabolism.  But what exactly does this mean and ... Read the Post