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Dandelion Root: One of my Favorite Liver Lovers

Why is Dandelion Root so amazing?! I'm sure we all know what a dandelion is, but we've been tricked into thinking it is just a lowly little weed.  Would it surprise you to know that dandelion is actually an extremely powerful healing herb? I know I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about dandelion's healing powers. I mean, we used to tear them out of the ground as kids and destroy ... Read the Post

Herbal Spotlight: My Top 5 Favorite Herbs of All Time

More and more people are starting to learn more about natural health these days, and one of the most popular topics out there are herbal remedies. Herbs are incredible to add to your lifestyle! They can be versatile, nutrient dense, and even delicious additions to your diet. I want to share a bit about my favorite herbs that we recommend quite a bit to our own clients. Some of these are also ... Read the Post

The Amazing Benefits of Dandelion Root BulletProof Tea

Dandelion Root "BulletProof" Inspired Tea Recipe- and why we add so much to our tea! I love Coffee- but lately I'm trying to be nicer to my adrenals. Caffeine can be a real issue for those with adrenal issues- usually 1 cup a day is ok for most people, but if you can cut it out for a time then that's the ideal. I really wanted to try a way to make tea version but I was worried about how it ... Read the Post