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How to Really Eliminate Candida

On nearly every natural health site these days you'll see information about Candida. What is it, what diets are needed to control it, which anti-fungals to use, and the list goes on. The thing is, NONE of these sites are addressing the root cause about why Candida overgrowth is so common these days. Want to know one of the main causes of Candida? COPPER IMBALANCES! Say what?? A MINERAL ... Read the Post

Whole Food Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is NOT Real Vitamin C Whole Food Vitamin C is yet another nutrient that we are lied to about. 90% of the supplements you will see out there that have “vitamin C” on the label are really ascorbic acid which is just the shell of the vitamin C complex. In whole food C, ascorbic acid is just the outer part, and tyrosinase at the core is actually a copper-containing enzyme. Why I ... Read the Post

Redefining Postpartum Depression

Why We Need to Start Advocating for Better Care of Women During the Postpartum Period There is such a horrible stigma that goes around because of the way the medical community treats illness.  Things like anxiety, depression and postpartum depression are NOT mental illnesses.  They do not mean you are "broken".  If that were true, then we certainly have a LOT of people out there ... Read the Post