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The BEST Cod Liver Oils

What are the Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil? This is a question I get asked often. There are so many cod liver oils on the market, but many of these brands only use about half cod liver oil- the other half is made up with synthetic A and D! Yuck-that defeats the purpose of using cod liver oil if half of the nutrients are man-made. So let's talk about why cod liver oil can be so amazing, and ... Read the Post

How to REALLY fix a Vitamin D Deficiency

Why Supplemental Vitamin D is NOT the Answer Most of my followers know at this point how I feel about blind supplementation with "vitamin" D.  Vitamin D is a hormone and there is a huge reason why it is not abundant in food- we are NOT supposed to eat it in high doses!  We aren’t meant to eat hormones- we are meant to eat the building blocks to these hormones, which includes minerals, ... Read the Post