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Blogging Tips: How to Get the Most out of Pinterest

So far, we've talked about setting up your domain, basic blogging tips, and how to really get better traffic. One of the MAIN ways to increase traffic with your blog is with Pinterest! The absolute best way to master Pinterest is to use Tailwind. I cannot even say how easy it is to use Tailwind! And it's pretty much essential if you want to have a successful blog these days. Since Tailwind ... Read the Post

Blogging Tips: Mastering Pinterest for Traffic

So you've set up your domain already, have your outline of your topic, and started writing blog posts. What's next? Traffic! The next step in my blogging series is going to be about Pinterest and how this can get you the MOST traffic to your new blog. Many people are still depending on search engines such as Google and Bing, but most don't even know that Pinterest can actually be SO much ... Read the Post

Blogging Tips: How to Set Up a Blog Domain

How to Set Up a Blog Domain Are you ready to learn how to set up a blog domain? If you are really just getting started and don’t want to invest a lot right away, you can go with a free Wordpress site.  The free option can be a bit limiting though as you cannot control all aspects of your site.  A free site will also have “wordpress” in your domain name (so basically).  You ... Read the Post