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How to Naturally Support Thyroid Health

Thyroid health: Ways to truly heal You cannot enter a Facebook health group or look on a natural health website without seeing the word "thyroid" about 50 times. It is all people talk about, and it is a huge focus for many people. Yes, the thyroid is absolutely important.  But so is the rest of the body! The body is also a WHOLE. We should start treating it as such. Most holistic or ... Read the Post

Why Balance is Important For Healing from a Chronic Illness

Balance is not a 4 letter word Balance seems to be such a strange concept these days. In our quest for health and wellness, we tend to jump on trends left and right that are just not balanced. I get it though- we all want to heal, and we want to do all that we can to get there. But consuming large amounts of any 1 thing, or taking extreme measures to get there faster rarely works out in the ... Read the Post

How to Exercise When you Have no Energy and Why Over-Exercising is Bad!

One of the biggest questions most people have when they find out they have adrenal burnout is whether or not they can exercise. There is no easy answer to this since everyone will have their own tolerance level for activity.  In our society, we're made to feel lazy if we're not working 10 hour days and spending 5 days a week at the gym. It seems that in the Standard American Lifestyle, there ... Read the Post