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Why Prevention is Key when it comes to Health

One of the biggest things that I am passionate about is getting people to realize the importance of preventing illness. I was one of the many people that just kept on with my destructive habits because I didn't know any better, up until the day that I could no longer eat without pain. Read that again: It took something as severe as not being able to eat without crying for me to finally WAKE UP. ... Read the Post

Smoking: Nutritional Deficiencies, Toxicities and Risks

 How Smoking Harms Us Many people don't know that tobacco actually used to be used as a medicine back in the day.  It had hundreds of healing purposes and was considered a cure-all by Native Americans. Despite this, tobacco has had a rocky journey through history.  Some cultures revered it for its healing properties and others made it completely illegal once they learned its ... Read the Post