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I really wish I had thought of this post sooner this year. I have been trying hard to help others on social media this year with trying to bypass censorship and to boost their posts up (read my article on this here for more information on this). I’m making this now since the holidays are coming but I’m going to keep it up forever, and I’ll likely add to it as time goes on. I’ll try to make this as organized as I can too! Let’s help each other to support small businesses.

Natural Health Services

Christina at Uncaged Health

Health consulting services for complex cases, specializing in chronic infections and mold exposure.

Denise at The Crunchy Christian

Denise is focusing almost exclusively on holistic fertility work through her 6 month program that is available on her site.

Energy Healing (And Related Services)

Catherine at Create and Blossom- Reiki

“I offer comfort and healing through Reiki sessions and angel card readings. Reiki is a form of deep relaxation and healing using a Japanese gentle energy technique. Many cultures believe that there is a life force energy critical to our overall health and vitality. When this energy is allowed to flow freely, we are better able to relax, find balance and heal. I offer gift certificates as well. I can be found at Create&Blossom or “

I personally received Reiki healing from Catherine for much of the last year and I cannot recommend her enough. Reiki is an amazing form of energy healing that helps with resolving emotional blocks, trauma, and more. It is especially helpful for those that don’t know what their traumas or blocks are- the healing energy goes where it is needed. You can read a bit more about Reiki with Catherine here.

Ellie- Numerology Reading

I had a reading from Ellie last year and it was AMAZING. Numerology can help you to understand yourself more, help you find your path in life, and it can help with figuring out issues like lack of abundance, if you have emotional blocks, and more! Click here to check out her guest post on my site explaining this more (plus, there is a discount for my readers!).

Dr. Khush Mark- Homeopathy and RTT

I have been recommending Khush for homeopathy for at least 4-5 years now. I personally had appointments with her several years ago and I was blown away by how amazing homeopathy was! It truly helped me get out of a rough spot, and I quickly realized what an amazing modality it is.

Khush also offers RTT: Rapid Transformational Therapy. This unique modality helps to address subconscious blocks! Read more about this and book with Khush here.

Bex- Intuitive Healing Companion

I am registered nurse,  a Certified Provider of Compassionate Bereavement Care ®️, and an Intuitive Healing Companion.  I provide empowerment support rooted in self awareness and self acceptance. My work is important in all forms of grief…physical or experiential loss. I am trauma aware, informed, and sensitive. I incorporate many diverse modalities in my work including astrological support, card readings, and pendulum dowsing for energetic clearing. 

I provide a FREE consult call to ensure that I am a match for a potential client.

My information is as follows:
Rebecca Feltmann, BSN, RN Intuitive Healing Companion

A Girl In the Universe

Spiritual Intuitive, Starsoul, Frequency Adjustments, Energy Worker, Chakra Aligning & Clearing. Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions Available. I love

Nicole at The Ace of Moon

Nicole is INCREDIBLE. I had a session with her over the summer and I highly recommend her. I did the Coaching Session: Uncovering your Blocks. We spoke for an hour through messenger (actually it was longer- she stayed with me until we figured it all out). We spoke about my traumas, the issues that I was hoping to work on, and she gave me a ton of actionable steps to take to unblock what was blocking me. She also has a jewelry shop. I highly recommend following her on Instagram for daily updates.

Facebook Support Groups

Join Renee’s group, Move to a Higher Vibe here.

“The purpose of this group is to help encourage & inspire those dealing with chronic illness and/or any kind of difficulty to rise above their situation & to shift our thinking into something more helpful.While life can be messy & life things happen, we keep it real, acknowledge things, but not get stuck there. We can “move to a higher vibe” being proactive doing what we can to raise our level of thinking to help ourselves.We are compassionate as we have been humbled by life & chronic illness. We have done many things in the pursuit of wellness. We have learned many lessons along the way. We wish to share hope, positivity, and the things that have been helpful in our journey.”

Products and Online Shops

Made by Crow: Original suede and leather bags made by hand

Kawaii Treats and Eats- This is actually a local business for me personally, and they offer the most AMAZING treat mixes. Their site sums it up best: “We offer delicious gluten free, sugar free and keto-friendly baking mixes made with ingredients you can feel good about – 100% natural, nothing artificial.You can order everything online here!

PrudyNan: Hawaiian Coffee Sack Bags, Grocery Bags, Muumuus- All Handmade!

Holistic Lifestyle Guide: Holistic health blog and Etsy channel selling digital and printable journals, planners, workbooks, and checklists for your body, mind, and soul.

Earthley: I love the items that Earthley offers. Herbal remedies, nutritional support, and personal care products all handmade!

Mama Rising: This site has amazing apparel for those that support medical freedom!

Melissa at Hi Tech: Do you have a school, business or a home you would like to keep clean from viruses, bacteria, mold, mycotoxins and other contaminates? The HiTech Air Rectors have been proven to help decontaminate the air and surfaces by destroying contaminates at a molecule level. Learn more at

How you Can Support Sassy Holistics

Over the last year I have worked on adding more items to offer to everyone: courses, ebooks, and now crystals! This is in addition to our HTMA services.

HTMA Services with Kristin and HTMA Services with Breezy

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) is our main service at Sassy Holistics. This test gives us insight on how strong your overall foundation is: gut, detox, adrenals, liver, and so much more. We create plans tailored to your needs based on your HTMA, history, and symptoms. Our plans consist of foods, herbs, and other natural remedies such as castor oil packs, dry skin brushing, and more.

HTMA helps with:

  • Fixing Mineral Imbalances and Deficiencies
  • Increase Nutrient Absorption
  • Supporting Overall Detox
  • Overall Health and Wellness
  • Supporting Adrenal Health
  • Strengthening Your Immune System
  • Supporting Women’s Health During Preconception, Pregnancy, or Postpartum

Sassy Holistics Learning Academy Courses

I currently have 8 classes up and running up on Sassy Holistics Learning Academy, with about 1000 students enrolled. My most recent course is a free course, Small Steps into Natural Living. The most popular courses are How to Heal your Gut Naturally and How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue Naturally. I also have a course that is more directed towards other holistic health practitioners- my HTMA training course.

Ebooks by Kristin:

  • Heal a Hiatal Hernia Learn the main steps to take to heal your gut and support vagus nerve health, especially when dealing with a hiatal hernia. This ebook contains my entire healing story as I have healed from a hiatal hernia myself. So far, dozens of people have reported back that they healed themselves with the tips just in this book!
  • Foundational Care: Foundational Care for Better Health: The 8 Biggest Steps to Take to Regain your Health and Wellness is my most popular ebook yet! This book outlines the most important steps you need to take to truly heal from any chronic health issue.  No matter what you are dealing with, foundational care is crucial.

Sassy Moonchild Crystal Shop

A few months ago I decided to open up my own crystal shop! Crystals have been a big part of my emotional healing journey for the last 2 years and I wanted to start incorporating them into my health practice. We have a small selection of some of the most amazing bracelets and pendants- all hand-picked by myself. I also have this page here to help you pick a crystal based on intuition- which is the BEST way to choose a piece for yourself!

Thank you for helping us to support small businesses!

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Welcome to Sassy Holistics! My name is Kristin, and I'm a Holistic Health Coach. I've been on the path to help people achieve better health using whole food nutrition, mineral balancing, and holistic healing principles for almost 7 years now.

The body is a whole and we must treat it as such! I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, certificates in Herbal Studies from Herbal Academy, and I am constantly learning more about health to help my clients and followers.

My goal is to help you unleash your own inner healer! You already hold the power to heal inside you. My role is as a guide to help you realize this potential.

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