STOP Waiting for Bad Things to Happen to CHANGE your Habits

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I don’t often make rant posts, but I feel like this one is needed, especially with the current issues going on lately.

This is something I REALLY REALLY wish people would listen to. Why is it that people will wait until something absolutely terrible happens before they change their habits or mindset? Why does it take a heart attack or a death of someone you know to finally SNAP OUT of your reverie? And why are people like myself MOCKED for trying to help prevent things from happening to others?!

I think enough is enough here, guys. I know that it can be hard to go against what “most” people are doing. Or what you THINK most people are doing because of the media, but guess what? The time to think for yourself and take responsibility for yourself is NOW. We really need to get out of this pseudo comfort zone of thinking “everything is fine” until something huge happens.

As some of you might have read before, I was one of the many people that just kept on with my destructive habits because I didn’t know any better, up until the day that I could no longer eat without pain.

Read that again: It took something as severe as not being able to eat without crying for me to finally WAKE UP.

That is why one of my main goals is to help people to never get to that point that I was at. Unfortunately, most people do not understand anything like this until it happens to them.

Reasons why people are stuck in their habits

“We’re all going to die anyway, what’s the point?”

What about your kids? Or grandkids? Your siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins? Do you want to continue to set a bad example with being lazy and indifferent? When one of us changes, we can set off a chain reaction where everyone around us starts changing. Healing isn’t always just about us!

“Everything causes cancer, what’s the point?”

Same thing as above! Don’t you want to help prevent yourself or others you love from dealing with something as serious as cancer?! You can avoid a LOT of the main known cancer causes with lifestyle changes.

“I BeLiEvE iN sCiEnCe!”

Guess what? Science isn’t a religion!! There is nothing to “believe” in, unless you believe in data manipulation, money exchanging pockets for falsified results, and complete bias in reports! Want to read more about how GREAT sciences and studies are these days? Check out this post.

“It’s too hard to change my habits now.”

If you’re going to have this stance, then I hope you at least support the people in your life that are willing to make changes. I think it’s our responsibility to make changes for ourselves as well. Once you switch to natural foods and products, you’ll be able to tell the difference in the taste of things and how you feel, and it’ll be easier to stick with.

Plus, we vote with our dollars! If you’re still eating at McDonalds, using toxic beauty products, or drinking soda then you’re SUPPORTING these companies that are poisoning us for profit and they’ll just continue to line their pockets.

“Natural Health isn’t good for you!!”

NEWS FLASH: If this was true, then the human race would have died out LONG AGO. The first written use of herbal medicine was in 2800 BC in China, but herbal medicine has been used for over 10,000 years (source- Herbal Academy courses). What we NEED to be doing is integrating modern medicine and natural health, which is what some countries around the world are doing. It shouldn’t be one or the other- there needs to be some compromise and we need to combine the best of both worlds.

Conventional medicine can be great for emergency situations, but rarely is it helpful for chronic health issues or even certain acute issues (because most medications can create some pretty severe damage with only one dose!). We need to accept that NATURAL health is the way to actually heal people from their chronic issues, and that many people can heal. Managing issues with 20 prescriptions is NOT health or wellness!

I know it can be so frustrating…

So many people just don’t listen, and it really is harder to convince people to see the truth if they haven’t had hard experiences themselves. We can only hope that more people start waking up to the truth and realizing that we are trying to help them. And hopefully these “fake woke” people will realize the truth eventually too because you cannot be all for something like marijuana because it’s a plant and all-natural, but then still support all of these toxic foods and corrupt companies!

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