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Somatic Healing for Trauma and Nervous System

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Somatic Healing for Trauma and Nervous System

I’m so excited! I finally signed up with The Workout Witch for her somatic healing programs, and now you can get 10% off any course with the code SASSYHOLISTICS on her site here.

I have been doing her 3 course “Heal the Nervous System” bundle this year and it’s changed my life.

As someone with lifelong (and massive generational) trauma that also went through severe mold illness, my body was WRECKED. I spent a few years unable to tolerate all the amazing healing items that I always recommend in here, and it wasn’t until I learned about the nervous system and somatics that I finally was able to shift.

Not everyone will have this severe of an issue like I did, BUT the nervous system is the biggest key in healing, period! It’s not always about taking supplements or herbs- it’s about retraining the body to feel safe so that it can function again. Once it feels safer, then everything else can start healing- gut, hormones, adrenals, and everything else.

If you are super stuck in your healing journey, if you know you have nervous system issues (from mold, trauma, stress, injuries, etc), if you cannot lose weight no matter what you do- this is likely a big missing link!

I started this course in January, and all year I have been dealing with a ton of emotional and physical healings. Lots of old traumas came up to be dealt with. Lots of words I had to say out loud to allow my body to move on. Lots of crying and shaking to release stored energy. Now, all of the weight I gained in the mold is almost gone. My sleep is improved (not perfect as this is a big one for me, but better!).

I can now tolerate all my herbs and foods again, which will make healing a bit faster now since I can get the full support my body needs. I even broke the biggest trauma cycles in my life, and finally got into a house- your nervous system shapes your reality. When it is stressed, it can keep you in familiar territory, which means it will keep you attracting or even craving stress and chaos!

That turned into a novel, sorry! I’m just truly excited. We’ve all been recommending somatic healing more this year for clients, and so many are seeing similar results when they are using it in tandem with our HTMA recommendations. It’s a perfect example of combining mind/body healing!

Sign up for The Workout Witch Here and use the code SASSYHOLISTICS for 10%!

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