Simplifying Health and Wellness

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Simplifying Health and Wellness

Healing can be so overwhelming at times, especially if you are just getting started in your own journey. There are a million and one people out there saying that they have all of the answers and it can be so hard to know what is true. After almost 10 years in the natural health world I have realized something huge: sometimes we are making things way too complicated. Simplifying health and wellness is essential at this point. There is no reason for us to over-complicate it all!

Growing up, most of us were never taught about true health. We had general health classes in school that really didn’t tell us much. If we were sick, we went to the doctor and got told what was wrong and what to do about it. We never learned how the body truly works and how to actually support it in doing what it needs to do. Obviously all of this was on purpose so we could grow up to be dependent on medications and doctors, but the time for this insanity is over.

Taking Control of Your Own Health

Years ago I started to talk more about how it is essential to be your own advocate when it comes to health and wellness. Since we were forced to trust outside sources when it came to our own body for so long it can be so hard to make that switch. We have to learn to trust our inner selves and our own intuition. We have to learn how to think critically and make the best decisions for ourselves in a world that is throwing a million options at us.

This is why I think we need to work on simplifying health and wellness right now. There are TOO many cooks in the kitchen as they say. It’s too overwhelming and it is just not necessary.

How to Simplify Health

For a large majority of people there are a few main categories to work on or look into when you want to heal yourself. These main categories are the MOST important to work on when healing from any chronic illness and they are essential for everyone to at work on in some way. Basic foundational care is the best way to simplify health when you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you can work on these categories and truly give your body the time it needs to heal, then amazing things can happen. We have to understand that we cannot undo decades and generations of health issues in a short amount of time. Our bodies have been through a LOT and they need time, patience, and faith to truly be rebuilt from the ground up.

Foundational Care is Simplified Health

  • Clean up your diet– Get rid of the junk! Processed foods, soda, coffee (at least switch over to organic, low-mold brands if you don’t want to give it up completely), and refined carbs.  Not everything has to be organic, but I really encourage everyone to just do their best.  Meats, dairy, and any grains that are consumed are best organic.  This post outlines a bit of what I think is most important to get organic and why.
  • Assess your MineralsMinerals are at the absolute base of our foundation- without them, we cannot function. As you get your minerals balanced, it will be easier for your body to handle pathogens, heavy metals, or other underlying issues as well.  A copper imbalance is one of the MOST important aspects to address when there is any kind of infection. Bioavailable copper helps with keeping viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites under control.
  • Heal your gut– Without sufficient stomach acid and bile flow, we cannot utilize our nutrients.  If our gut isn’t functioning, then our whole body can pay the price. This is just another huge reason why we need to respect our bodies as wholes- everything is connected.
  • Work on your detox pathways– Liver, Lymph, Colon, Kidneys, Skin- we try to assess the most important things to start with once we see a person’s HTMA. Sometimes we need more adrenal healing before even thinking about detox support.
  • Start supporting your adrenals– Again, I love HTMA as it can tell us the exact state of your adrenals.  This is one of the most important parts of foundational care.  If your adrenals are stressed out or completely exhausted then there should be more of a focus on healing them first before even thinking about detoxing anything.
  • Clean up your environment– This can be a rough one because there is only so much that we can control.  Just do your best in your home!  Deodorant, makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap, etc are just some examples of things that tend to be big offenders for toxins that can mess with our liver function, and they can have very negative impacts on our endocrine function. Learn more here!
  • Work on emotional trauma- This is something I have had to learn the hard way myself.  Emotional trauma from past abuse is something that can stick with us until we’re ready to deal with it.  This can become a constant stress on the body which can suppress the immune system.  If the immune system is suppressed, it will be impossible to heal from any chronic infection, period.  Things like homeopathy, acupuncture, EMDR, Reiki, and EFT are among the most popular methods to use to start healing from emotional trauma. My big list of ideas is here.

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Foundational Care by Kristin Merizalde, BS
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