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The Root Causes of Anxiety

The Root Causes of Anxiety I'm sure most people have had times of anxiety in their lives.  Whether it is just for a short time period, or if you deal with it 24/7, anxiety is an extremely uncomfortable feeling. It is also (to an extent) a NORMAL reaction in certain situations. If you are in actual danger then this is a normal reaction! It is when it because chronic and for seemingly no ... Read the Post

Simplifying Health and Wellness

Simplifying Health and Wellness Healing can be so overwhelming at times, especially if you are just getting started in your own journey. There are a million and one people out there saying that they have all of the answers and it can be so hard to know what is true. After almost 10 years in the natural health world I have realized something huge: sometimes we are making things way too ... Read the Post

Holistic Health for Men

While many of our HTMA clients and followers are women, we have had our fair share of guys that have wanted to get on the path to better health and wellness. Many things are "unisex" as far as treatments and recommendations go but I wanted to put together a post that can be used as a go-to for all the guys that want to heal themselves. There are many things that are great for holistic health for ... Read the Post