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Sassy Holistics Learning Academy

The longer I am in the health world, the more I have realized one huge thing: we have to be our own best advocates! The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to teach others about health. It is important that we learn things on our own, no matter how daunting or hard it may seem. So this is why I started Sassy Holistics Learning Academy. My school is for those that just want to learn more about health and wellness and how to apply holistic health to their own lives. These courses are all at your own pace, available forever, and easy to follow. Every course has several video lessons where I talk to you and explain everything.

Sassy Holistics Learning Academy Ecourses:

The perks of these courses include: 100% Online, at your own pace, video lessons, you have access to the courses forever, and they are packed full of my personal tips for healing yourself!

Gut Healing Course:

Learn why we need gut healing, how I approach gut healing from a holistic perspective, and what steps are the most crucial to focus on overall

Holistic Detox Support Course:

This course goes over EVERYTHING you need to know about proper detoxification from holistic perspective. Learn how to heal your liver, lymph, kidneys, and more. PLUS learn why it’s better to support your health everyday instead of depending on cleanses.

Whole Food Nutrition Course:

My whole food nutrition course is jam-packed with information about minerals and vitamins- why they are important, why we should be aiming for food sources, and how to find the best and healthiest foods. Plus you will learn about common heavy metals and how to avoid them.  

Foundational Care Ecourse:

My Foundational Care Course is a bundle of the Gut, Detox, and Nutrition courses all in one. These are the three MOST important aspects of foundational care, which we need to heal from any chronic illness.

Adrenal Fatigue Course:

This has been my personal favorite course to make so far. This course goes over the truth about adrenal fatigue, how to truly HEAL, how trauma can influence our health, and why copper is such a big issue for those with adrenal problems.

Holistic Weight Loss Course:

One of the BIGGEST topics that everyone talks about is weight loss. Unfortunately, there are MANY myths about how to truly lose weight! This course goes over many ways that we can actually LOSE weight and keep it off without deprivation or shame. We need to regain health in order to lose weight, period.

Learn HTMA with Sassy Holistics:

This course is best for practitioners that want to add this course to their practice, or for those that just really want to understand HTMA better.  This course goes over how to read HTMA, how to truly interpret the tests yourself instead of relying on a lab printout (that doesn’t even tell you what to do other than to take their supplements that they sell), and how to apply holistic healing with HTMA.


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