Sassy Holistics Classes

The longer I am in the health world, the more I have realized one huge thing: we have to be our own best advocates! The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to teach others about health. It is important that we learn things on our own, no matter how daunting or hard it may seem.

Lately, I’ve been getting asked to do more videos or audio files because not everyone loves to read as much as I do (I couldn’t believe that! HAHA! Just kidding! I get that we all learn differently). So I’ve had some fun with setting up some new courses that are mostly made of videos. The response has been so huge! I can’t believe how many messages and emails I’ve received about how people love the courses.

Most of these courses have info that can be found on the site, but there are a lot of nuggets in there that would be new information. Plus, with over 260 articles on this site right now, I get how it can be overwhelming to search and read for every single thing you want to learn about.

As of right now, I just have 2 of the smaller courses- Gut Healing and Mini Minerals. I picked these two to start with because they are the MOST important places to start when it comes to healing. You have to heal your gut and balance your minerals if you want to heal, period. I have a few other courses planned for the future and I hope to start getting more out by the end of the year.

At Sassy Holistics, we believe in using whole food nutrition to find true health and wellness. This course goes over everything you need to know about how nutrients work together. ALL Minerals are important, which is why it is crucial to learn about how to truly balance them. If you are tired of chasing symptoms and trying to fix your deficiencies with supplements, this course is for you! Nutrition isn’t “taking a pill for an ill” like conventional medicine. It’s about finding your personal deficiencies and healing the body as a whole. Take charge of your health and learn as much as you can on your healing journey!


The term “leaky gut” is everywhere these days and with good reason. But how do we actually heal our gut?! If our gut is not functioning at full capacity, we just cannot be healthy. This course will go over why we are dealing with such severe gut issues, how to heal your gut, and what to avoid to prevent further issues in the future. Our gut health is so critical for many other parts of our body- when it is isn’t working correctly, it can influence our brain health, detox system, immune system, thyroid, adrenals, and more!

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My goal with this course is to give the absolute essentials needed to read and interpret HTMAs, and give you the confidence and knowledge needed to help others that embark on a mineral balancing protocol. My approach with HTMA uses a true holistic outlook with whole food nutrition and healing the body as a whole.

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Holistic weight loss is all about understanding that health is the body’s priority- not just your weight.  My goal with this course is to bust dieting myths and give new insight on what weight loss should truly be about.