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Sassy Holistics and Holistic Healing

About 6 years ago the idea of Sassy Holistics started. All I knew was that I wanted to help people heal. I took an HTMA training course at that time and started developing my I truly wanted Sassy Holistics to be about. After just a few months of developing, it evolved into something different than what I originally intended. Since HTMA traditionally uses many supplements I had been planning on using and recommending some of them as well, and I was going to tie it into other methods of healing. However, with my own experiences and of many others, I started to realized that supplementation was not all that it is cracked up to be.

Most people that follow my site know that I prefer whole food nutrition and more holistic methods of healing. This isn’t because of any pretentiousness or random way of thinking. It was because I saw first hand the damage that supplementation did to people. I fully believe it was part of my journey to see this and observe it, and to experience it myself.

When I started with natural health I was using many supplements. I had great benefits from them at first. I felt better, many old symptoms disappeared, and it really gave me faith that people could heal naturally. However over time, I started to really react badly to supplements, especially magnesium and zinc. It eventually got to a point where I was reacting every time I took even a small amount of something (which was when I finally just stopped altogether). I had an incredibly scary experience with just 7.5mg of zinc one day that was the last straw for me- it felt like something was being pulled out of my brain and I was sent into the worst panic attack I have ever had.

Because of my own experiences, I feel it led me to the truth about health. We aren’t meant to switch from pharma drugs to synthetic nutrients! After a few years of observing things in my own clients, followers, and other groups online I became even more secure in my views.

I saw people that were going through adrenal crashes being told to just take more magnesium because the crash meant they needed the mag more. I saw people that were saying they had suicidal thoughts to just push though copper dumping and take more zinc (which is what caused the thoughts to begin with!). I saw people say they had no changes at all with their current supplements being told to increase and increase and increase until they did notice something. And one of the worst- I saw people telling pregnant women to take massive doses of synthetic vitamin C (which can act as an abortifacient!!).

I am not sure how others have not noticed these things, or if I was meant to see and understand it because I had already gone through it. To this day I get people arguing with me because “you can’t heal with nutrition alone”. However, HOW is anything that I mentioned above healing? Using synthetic nutrients like drugs is not natural and I will never change my mind about this. Logically, it makes no sense. We need stomach acid to utilize our nutrients- period! Why would you want to supplement with 100 things when you can just work on your gut and liver healing and get your body to absorb things better like it’s meant to?

Hopefully that helps clarify why Sassy Holistics is the way that it is. Not that I am trying to justify anything- nothing is every going to make me shift from this view on healing. I am constantly learning and evolving when it comes to health but I am more interested in true healing and real health. But when you’ve seen and heard what I have, then you might understand more about where I’m coming from. It’s not just a random opinion I have- it’s because I do not want people to get hurt. I care more about the actual people that we’re meant to be helping instead of studies or attitudes of “we’ve always done it this way”.

We are ALLOWED to grow and evolve and we’re meant to be moving away from allopathic thinking now.

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