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Rose Quartz Crystal Uses and Benefits

Rose Quartz is one of my FAVORITE Crystals

I’ve always loved the color pink, so that could have been part of what drew me to rose quartz. Last year, I had a different practitioner tell me that my heart chakra needed healing and that rose quartz would help. At the time I had NO idea how a rock could help me heal (just being honest here!). But it’s definitely been the other most helpful crystal for me personally, along with the amethyst- they tend to be put together a lot in jewlery and they work pretty well together.

I feel so drawn to rose quartz myself. It makes me feel calm and peaceful. I have a collection of rose quartz pieces at this point: a few bracelets, a necklace, and a few tumbled stones. When picking a piece, always go with what seems best to you and what you think would be easiest for you. I love jewelry and I find it easier to wear a bracelet than to carry a stone around in my pocket, but you might be different!

Carry a rose quartz heart in your pocket to attract love!

Rose Quartz Main Properties:

  • Known as the love stone!!
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Great for healing romantic relationships or attracting new ones
  • Opens the heart for compassion and forgiveness for others
  • Can help heal the physical and emotional heart
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself
  • Can help with those dealing with grief or broken hearts
  • It can also be helpful for healing emotional wounds like generational trauma

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