The Top 10 Herbs that Will Change Your Life


Over a decade ago, I was thrown into the natural health world when my own health was at rock bottom.  I quickly found a few herbs that changed my life, but since then I have had an insatiable thirst for more herb knowledge.

Most of my generation grew up without even an inkling of what herbs are or that they could help our health.  I know I never even knew that “natural health” was a thing- all I knew about was doctors, antibiotics each year for every sniffle and cough, and eating nothing but foods from boxes.

There are so many incredible herbs out there that can change your life for the better, and so many of them are affordable, easy to use, and they have multiple benefits so you’re getting more bang for your buck.

I hope this book helps you to understand how amazing these 10 herbs are and how simple it can be to introduce natural healing remedies into your life.


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Table of Contents
1. Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!
2. Aloe Vera: The GOAT for Soothing Inflammation
3. Nettle Leaf: Your Total Body Healing BFF
4. Dandelion Root: Your Liver’s Lover
5. Ginger Root: Your Gut’s Fiery Support System
6. Marshmallow Root: The Balm for your Soul
7. Chickweed: Another Total Body Healing Buddy
8. Red Raspberry Leaf: Every Mama’s Best Friend
9. Oatstraw: To Sooth your Frazzled Nerves
10. Blue Vervain: The Perfectionist’s Tonic
11. Wood Betony: Liquid Sunshine
12. Herbal Cheat Sheet
13. Buying Good Quality Herbs



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