Mineral Mavens TBH 3 in 1 Year Package

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With this package, you’ll save $100 when you pre-purchase 3 TBH HTMAs for one year. 

3 HTMA Reports, 3 Emailed Consultations (Report Analysis and Recommendations), 1 year long Personalized Plan, & Email Support from one of our expert HTMA practitioners for 1 entire year

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Real, long-lasting healing of chronic conditions takes time. Most people prefer to retest at 3, 4, or 6-month intervals. With this package, you’ll save $100 when you pre-purchase 3 TBH HTMAs for one year. 

Receive a personal 5-Step Healing Plan that is revisited and adjusted throughout a 12-month period. 

Expert support via Email for a year to meet your health goals.


Everything Included in our Total Body Healing HTMA Package:

  • Full email report- all of the report is personalized with a description of your current imbalances on your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report and what needs to be done to fix things. Our main goal is to give you a solid plan so you can heal yourself.
  • Personalized Audio message going over your main imbalances, what we will be working on, and how we’re going to help with your biggest concerns.
  • Our Total Body Healing Program is designed for you to follow for at least 3-6 months to sand see the best results. Retests will re-evaluate your changes and what items need to be switched out so that your healing journey is easier and more effective.
  • Your plan includes sections to work on with herbal remedies (tinctures, teas, or infusions), food recommendations, and other natural remedies to help bring your body back into balance. Our ultimate goal is to help you heal from whatever is going on. All of our recommendations have multiple benefits, so we always aim to give the maximum healing potential.
  • Our current consultants are Kristin and Celeste. We do our best to accommodate practitioner choice whenever possible, but we also want to be sure to help our clients in a timely manner. You’ll be assigned to the practitioner with the best availability. There is no difference between our practitioners. You are getting the same level of care with both of us!
  • Upon ordering, you will receive our Basic Tips Guide. This guide goes over important topics like general diet recommendations, how to get clean drinking water, how to reduce toxin exposure, and more. Everything in this guide is aimed at helping you to reduce stress and toxins that can deplete you of your crucial minerals. This will help you to get started on your healing journey while we wait on HTMA results. There is also a discount code for any of my online holistic health ecourses that can further help you in your healing journey.


You will receive the following once you get your HTMA results in:


  • Foundational Care Checklist 2024 Edition: A list that can help you to see the most important steps in healing, this way you can address any pieces of the puzzle that you may be missing.
  • Top 10 Herbs That Will Change your Life: My ebook on the Top 10 Herbs that are absolutely incredible for overall health and wellness. Your plan will have herbs specific to your healing needs, and this ebook will help you to understand why some of them are so amazing.
  • Mineral Guidebook & Nutrient Dense Foods: An ebook on the most important minerals we need to work on, where to find them in food, and a selection of choices of nutrient dense foods you can add to your diet to improve your health.
  • 12 months of email support (weekly updates or questions from you if needed). We know that detox reactions can be alarming- if you’re experiencing any discomfort with your protocol, you can let us know.


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