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Sassy Holistics Gut Healing Journal

Gut healing is the number one most important thing to work on when you want to start healing. Our gut health influences our mental health, energy levels, mood, brain function, thyroid health, detox ability, and so much more. If our gut isn’t healthy, then we can’t be either.

My intention with this journal is to give you a path to healing your gut. This journal will cover the 5 most important aspects of gut healing: increasing nutrient absorption, healing and sealing the gut lining, repopulating the gut microbiome, supporting the colon, and loving your liver. All of these things place a huge role in overall gut health.

Each section has suggestions on what you can do to help with that specific issue. You can work on adding in one section at a time (the best option if you have gut inflammation already or you aren’t sure if you do), or you can add something from each section. Each section also has a journal section with questions for you to answer as you introduce new healing items to your plan.

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