Full Moon Kit


Are you dealing with an increase in symptoms around the full moon? You may have parasites! Despite what most people might say, parasites are incredibly common in the Western world. Our terrain is just SO perfect for them to thrive. We’re full of toxic heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungi- all of the things that parasites love to eat.

If we had a strong base to begin with, we wouldn’t really be having these huge parasite issues. Ideally, I prefer for people to work on foundational care for a time before diving into parasite detoxing. This helps to get you stronger and it’ll be easier to deal with the die off when you start working on the parasites directly.

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The Full Moon Kit from Microbe Formulas is GREAT for those ready to tackle parasites. This kit includes:

  • The BioActive Carbon BioTox : This is one of the most effective and comprehensive binders out there. Right from the site: “It is formulated specifically to support binding biotoxins like mycotoxins from mold, ammonia from bacteria, and parasites and other byproducts from yeast, fungi, and viruses.” It helps to remove mold, sulfur, candida, ammonia and aldehyde systemically (not just in the GI tract like activated charcoal- it also is less likely to interfere with absorption of nutrients like activated charcoal). It works in tissues and organs to get toxins out while aiding the body in balancing critical minerals that can be lost in the process of detox.
  • Mimosa Pudica: This is one of the most potent parasite cleansers out there.
  • Formula 1: Formula 1 is a great supporter of the immune system and helps to take some of the stress off of the body while you’re working on pathogen issues.

You can check their site here for the full instruction sheet