Foundational Care Checklist



This list has all of my absolute FAVORITE remedies for foundational care!


Foundational Care is basically what we do best at Sassy Holistics.  Our main goal is to help you get a stronger foundation of health so your body can work on healing the big stuff that might be underlying.


This Checklist was created to help those that want a full plan of action when it comes to healing. Whether you are brand new to healing or you want to make sure you are covering all of your bases, this checklist can help you.


The Foundational Care Checklist covers 11 steps that are crucial to foundational care healing.  Each step has suggestions on what you can do to help with healing that particular issue. For example, in the gut healing section there are suggestions on how to increase stomach acid and nutrition absorption.



About the Foundational Care Checklist:

6 pages of information on the 11 most important steps for Foundational Care plus suggestions on how to address these steps


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