BioRay NDF Plus- 1 Ounce


NDF Plus help to safely remove toxic heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, organochlorides and BPA while helping to balance nutrient and mineral levels (this is why I am such a huge fan of these for SAFE heavy metal detoxing- you do NOT want to pull the good with the bad).

Signs of heavy metals include brain fog, joint pain, hormonal issues, anger or other emotional distress, and so much more.

Read more here about how to use the BioRay Line.

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NDF Plus is the most potent detox support that BioRay offers.

  • Removes toxic metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, uranium, thallium, cadmium, antimony and aluminum.
  • Removes chemicals and pesticides including Lindane, dioxin, BPA, phthalates and chlorine.
  • Binds to endotoxins and exotoxins.
  • Balances essential nutrients as it contains naturally occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides natural occurring fulvic acid, antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, serving to balance cell life.

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