BioRay Kids Belly Balance- 4 Ounce


BioRay’s Belly Balance is the BEST gut support for kids. NDF Shine binds to and removes toxins, supports gastrointestinal and immune function, and enhances speech.

Read more here about how to use the BioRay Line.

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The Belly Balance product is best for healing sensitive tummies and can help with speech delays.

  • Helps remove toxins (heave mental, chemicals)
  • Supports gastrointestinal immune function
  • Enhances speech and communication
  • Settles tummy issues
  • Includes trace minerals, vitamins, RNA/DNA
  • Pushes bad bugs out of the gastrointestinal tract and bowel
  • First probiotic lysate liquid
  • Supports immunity (IgA)
  • Restores gut integrity (IgM)
  • Raspberry Flavor (orange bottle)

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