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ABOUT HTMA with Celeste and Kristin

“I am very happy I had the HTMA testing done. It is actually very reassuring to know what my vitamin and mineral levels are and
how that matches up with the symptoms I’ve been having. No more guessing. Now I have a plan specifically tailored to work best for me and I feel empowered and supported on my healing journey.”  ~Tami~


“I’m so glad there’s people like you who actually approach healing from a truly holistic understanding… Even 99% of the “holistic” wellness space is just rebranded allopathy.  I recommend your HTMA plans to anyone I can. It’s so much easier to focus on whole body healing and copper balancing, versus testing for every virus, bacteria, and hormone imbalance on planet earth and throwing the kitchen sink at it and never actually healing… and spending thousands and thousands of dollars in the process.”

~Regan, Total Body Healing Client


“Just wanted to brag on the HTMA process and one of Kristin’s team members – Breezy! I just completed my second HTMA about 10 months after my first and just had my consultation with Breezy. First, she went ahead and did all the analysis and consultation while she and her entire family are still recovering from the flu because she knew I was anxious to know my results – a real champion dedicated to the care and health of her clients!! Most of my results were improved after following the plan she developed for me last time and she did such a great job explaining the health journey – how my liver is waking up and how my body is using the different minerals – and encouraging me to continue and take some new steps as my health improves. It’s complicated but she makes this effort so worth it and I’m so grateful for the teaching and support to uncover the causes of the issues and how my body is created to work, not to just throw things at it to fix symptoms. Awesome company, process and consultant!”


My son with ASD had a MASSIVE turnaround using the HTMA process with Kristin. His symptoms (anxiety, sensory issues, inability to concentrate, lack of social skills, basically just a miserable kid) have dissipated by 75%. It’s truly amazing.” ~Allyson W.~


“I went undiagnosed for over a decade because doctors kept telling me my thyroid was fine. My labs were “normal” but not optimal. I finally found Sassy Holistics and ordered a HTMA. I use Kristin, it’s not crazy expensive and you get the test, results, a breakdown of what your results mean, a treatment plan and 3 months of follow up care. The treatment plan involves no medication, just supplements, whole foods and easy things like rebounding or a mineral foot bath. She doesn’t push 800000 supplements down your throat and she also doesn’t sell her own line, she recommends several different brands. Once I got the results and saw that I had major mineral and vitamin deficiencies and also a severe excess amount of copper, I started treating myself with supplements and it literally changed my life. I still have healing to do but I went from being completely housebound due to severe anxiety and in constant pain all day everyday to actually being able to live a productive life.” ~Ashley R.~


“As far as functioning, i am doing better than i ever can recall, I can get through the day without being totally physically exhausted and i never remember being like that…overall compared to where i started it is night and day-i know i have a long way to go but i was really bad off. i feel this saved my life–i think everyone needs the service you provide, i tell them but no one i know listens-but it could spare people a lot of misery now and in the future i think”


We’ve been using Sassy Holistics for our whole family for several months.  The amount of progress we’ve all made with just simple, common sense plans has been incredible. Gut function is improving, mood and focus is getting better, and we are all feeling better than we have in years. Highly recommend, especially for how easy the plans are to follow! ~Shelly M.~


“I am 9 months in working with Kristin. My first HTMA showed low sodium and potassium and extremely high calcium and magnesium, suggesting blood sugar regulation issues, adrenal fatigue and extremely sluggish thyroid. All of my symptoms matched up with this test (modern medicine said I was perfectly healthy, but I never felt good… They thought I was crazy). Focused on sodium for a few months (because I noticed a difference with eating more salt) and my anxiety came down (also tried a couple other suggestions of hers which were great). Also, taking in more sodium got rid of sugar cravings almost immediately! Got a second HTMA and things were improving (and so we’re my symptoms). Calcium and magnesium levels came down (a good thing for me), sodium to potassium ratio improved. She told me to keep working on sodium and potassium balance as they were actually lower on the second test (can signify the body is in stress or detoxing). I cannot recommend mineral balancing highly enough. I was skeptical at first but I am now a believer. Please understand this is not a quick fix program and it takes work. There will be setbacks, which is inevitable when the body is truly healing from the inside out. I have good days and bad days, but the good days are getting better and the bad days are getting fewer. Getting my third test next month and excited to see the changes. If you are debating about it, just do it! Best wishes!


“Kristin has been an invaluable guide for me on my journey of discovering all of the amazing things that my body can do! Having spent the last 15 years compiling diagnosis after diagnosis without being offered any lasting solutions, I was convinced that my body was just broken and there was no way to truly heal. Even after I turned to more holistic practitioners for treatment options, the messaging still seemed to be that I would need to take an overwhelming list of expensive supplements for the rest of my life that may or may not make me feel any better. I no longer believe that and it is so freeing! Through Kristin’s whole food and herb recommendations, I have seen significant shifts in my symptoms over the past 3 months, and I know that those improvements are coming from a deep place of healing. True healing does not happen overnight so I know that I have a long way to go, but I am filled with so much hope! Kristin’s blog is amazing, and she really helps equip you to become the expert and take ownership of your own healthcare.”

~Ashley W. ~


“I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was very impressed with how through the recommendation is. Also, I really like how the guess work is taken out of having to then go and find quality products, since quality products are recommended as well. I’m surprised that I’ve already seen some of my symptoms diminish and don’t see how it could be related to anything other than my gut actually healing. I’m excited to retest and see the HTMA results and new recommendations!”


Testimonial for Kristin, Mineral Maven and HTMA Consultant, Extraordinaire

I’ve been working with Kristin for the past few years. Since we began, Kristin has helped me to understand my mineral status and what it has meant for my body. Kristin has a great deal of knowledge in how to interpret the results and she has a unique ability to prioritize what needs to be worked on.

Kristin has been my greatest supporter, always showing empathy and patience. She has reassured me when certain markers were not normal. Her encouragement has helped me to keep the big picture in mind, so that I can see how what we’re doing fits in with my healing. She gives me hope that everything is going to be okay; and, sure enough, it always is.

Kristin is always willing to answer questions and she asks for my input to tweak her recommendations so they are individual to my needs. I have made steady improvement by following the program that she outlines for me. Each step along the way has shown me that HTMA analysis is the way to go, as evidenced by my increased energy, better sleep, and clearer thinking. I love Kristin’s focus of supporting the body, so that it can heal naturally. Healing takes time. I’m proof positive that staying the course and doing the things she recommends really works!


“Dear Kristin, Over the past few months, I’ve experienced a substantial improvement with all my symptoms. No UTI’s. No yeast infections. No illness. Better sleep. Better energy. Better life! I’ve been able to have more of a social life. I’m over the moon with how much more energy I feel! I credit you and your recommendations! I feel better than I have for over ten years! I’m so very grateful for you and your dedication to helping those of us who suffer with seemingly untreatable health issues. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”


“Working on a plan with my HTMA has restored my faith in healing with food. I had been to a family dr, naturopathic dr, integrative medicine dr through out the course of 3 years and didn’t feel any better. Tired, insomnia, headaches/migraines 3/4 weeks a month. Thyroid checked out fine, adrenals checked out fine, minerals (blood tests) checked out fine, but I still felt crappy. Through a serendipitous interaction on FB I found out about a Kristin and her process this summer and got my HTMA done in July. I started with a healing crisis (increased insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety) which spooked me a little but had great communication with Kristin and we made a few adjustments to my plan and by my second month I was sleeping so much better, and handling stress so much better, and by the 3rd month I was able to implement my full plan. Years of not taking care of myself will take more than a couple of months to fix, but I saw more progress in those three months than in the years before it with the random drs. Because I had to go slow I waited to get my second HTMA done until 6 months after instead of three so that’s this month. I’m excited to see where’s it at and what to do next.”


” I was referred to Sassy Holistics by my niece when she heard I was having a tough time with anxiety, lack of stamina and a decreased ability to handle stress. I was a mess with emotional breakdowns, lacking the ability to fix the problems in life. The recommendations from Kristin were really a major puzzle piece for me on my road back to health. I’ve been able discontinue 2 out of the 3 hormone replacement drugs I was on. Turns out if you give the body the nutrients it requires, it can fix itself. I’ve been most pleased by the holistic approach (it’s in the name, after all) and the “low and slow” philosophy to restoring balance in my system. Just as valuable is the input from the Sassy community that modern connectivity has allowed. The Facebook group is a great place to talk over problems and learn new avenues to approach physical and emotional upset. No one person it going to have all the answers – we ask too much from doctors and other medical professionals. There’s just no way to compete with the wiki approach to problem solving. I am very grateful for all the help I’ve received!


“I had done a lot of healing before I came across Sassy Holistics and I was in two minds as to whether to use their services.  I am so glad that I opted to go for a htma and consult with Kristin! Her advice and recommendations were extremely helpful. After using synthetic supplements as part of my healing practice I was starting to find that I was struggling to maintain the good level of health I had initially achieved. Kristin’s approach made so much sense and confirmed what I had begun to suspect, that a lot of synthetic supplementation was the not key to balance or long lasting progress.

I have come across many practitioners on my healing journey that have offered good but often incomplete advice. I think Kristin is a person who truly gets what it means to heal naturally and on all levels. It has been great to work with someone who’s perspective is such a good fit with my own and who I felt so comfortable with.”
Since my consult I have fallen in love with and felt the benefits of herbal infusions – I feel as if I’m back on track again with my healing.
I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone who is looking to try the holistic approach to healing.


“I had been dealing with hormonal issues for almost 7 years before I got an HTMA. No matter what I did, I could not get pregnant.

Within 6 months of starting my health plan, I FINALLY was pregnant! I am a firm believer of whole food nutrition now.” Laura K.


Great experience! I learned a lot. I always suspected adrenal and thyroid issues, htma was very useful in confirming this. Kristin’s htma report for me was very thorough, and I love having my report emailed. I printed it out and refer to it often. Will retake soon. ~D.C.~


Initially I was hesitant to cut my hair frankly. The process is not as burdensome as it seems. Truly it’s easy. I also read as much as I could in the group in order to learn more about HTMA and the minerals involved. I learned so much from reading Kristin’s blog and the lab info regarding minerals and mineral ratios. It quickly became very clear to me that Kristin knew HTMA inside and out.

I had been to many functional practitioners and MDs through the years and not one of them could interpret an HTMA the way Kristin did. She was thorough, spot on in what she found, and very kind in her explanations of what was going on in my body.

People will say “my blood work is fine, I don’t need HTMA” and I want to scream. My blood work was fine too. Magnesium, potassium, sodium levels all “within range”. And yet, I had heart palpitations and was absolutely exhausted all the time.

My HTMA showed ZERO potassium, that’s how low it was. Once I started eating more potassium rich foods, my heart palpitations went away in 2 weeks. It was unbelievable. I will forever be indebted to Kristin for this piece of my healing and for her incredible knowledge and kindness. ~Catherine G. ~


I am truly blessed to have been introduced to you, your gift and your knowledge! In such a short time I have introduced and incorporated many of your suggestions, all of which have extremely helped to ease my burning stomach! Still there but manageable. Better than it has been in months!!!!!!!!

The written analysis was very informational as well as easy to follow and understand and I Thank you 🙂

I know with time I will continue to heal and look forward to having the next HTMA reflect my healing process! -Bea K.


“Kristin is not only extremely knowledgeable about mineral balancing and health, she is supportive, responsive and generous with her time. She offers a variety of suggestions and meets you where you are. Everything Kristin recommends is accessible, affordable, and easy to implement. I would highly recommend working with her!” -Brenda M.-


When I contacted Sassy Holistics, I’d been struggling with crippling fatigue, chronic constipation, inflammation, and Uterine Fibroids amongst a list of unexplainable symptoms. Dr’s blood tests weren’t showing anything to advise me so I was depressed and suffering.

The report I received from my HTMA was like an insight from my cells themselves. The chart showed how imbalanced my minerals were and the advice told me exactly how to rebalance them.

For the first time in over a decade I felt in control of my health. The best part was not having to supplement through guess work, I could drink dandelion tea to raise my severely deficient potassium but also knew what else to consume to ensure it wasn’t flushed out my body so quickly.

Its been 9 months since I began and I still refer back to the consult guidance. Healing is a slow process so I’m still working on resolving my health issues and without Kristin’s HMTA consult I would not have been able to save my body from further damage. I’m forever grateful to her skills and compassionate way of relaying information. Thank you! ~ M.T.~


I just want to send you love. I really appreciate all the work you do to help get this knowledge out there. This email totally speaks to me because I spent years, actually decades eating clean and yet I was having health issues. It was so dang frustrating until I discovered your content and started implementing foundational care, nettle infusions, mineral balancing, adrenal cocktails, etc I started slowly getting better and better. I am just so very thankful for you and the wisdom you have shared. It has had a profound impact on my life. 

Jennifer V.


The HTMA process was simple, and convenient. I just had to mail off a hair sample and I eventually get an email with my personalized info and game plan. It’s awesome! I feel so much better overall when I’m working on my potassium levels. I never knew how important potassium was (in conjunction with other minerals) as well as stress reduction (my calcium shield was so high due to stress, and I was burning through other minerals) until I did the HTMA. I’ve also realized that what I thought was healthy eating, truly wasn’t (potassium isn’t found in gluten free crackers :-D). Kristin is very patient, she explains herself well, and she’s so full of knowledge and passion to help others heal too. During my darkest chronic illness times, she was there to support me with her simple to understand articles, Facebook responsiveness, and compassion. I highly recommend her affordable HTMA services! ~Sara

An update I made after hearing back from several clients:

  • 1 was able to drop their thyroid meds (work with your doc on this though please for best results!)
  • 1 went from being mostly bound to the couch to being active in a sport several times a week (in just 3-4 months time)
  • Several have had complete healing of all of their symptoms in about 6 months of time (with complete dedication to the program!)
  • Several have gotten pregnant after a few years of trying.

Many people start to notice improvements in digestion and sleep in the first few months, and then slowly they start to notice things like anxiety, skin issues, mood, and hormonal issues go away. Once you get the nutrition your body *needs*, you can start to heal.

Testimonials for Sassy Holistics Learning Academy

For the Gut Healing Course:

“I Took the gut healing course and I LOVED IT! Just the first lesson was worth the $. Such great information! Kristin breaks everything down in such an easy and understandable way. I learned soooo much! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who really wants a good understanding of how the body works as a whole. I’m Hoping she does another course in the near future”- D.C.

“Clear, concise, and helpful tips for healing the gut.”

~L.M.~ Health Coach

“Practical tips for gut healing. I especially loved learning WHY we have such such problems.” ~C.H.~

For Healing Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

“Loved the whole course! Such a wealth of information! Just fantastic!! Listening to Kristin is like having a therapy session. Such reassuring and comforting advice. I now have a much better understanding of adrenal fatigue. Highly recommend.”

“Thank you so much for this resource. Having all of this information in one spot is so helpful, and everything makes perfect sense. I am already feeling better with some of the basic ideas talked about in this course.” ~Lisa R.~

“This course has given me insight of the adrenal health that I didn’t learn in my own research. My own struggle with adrenal fatigue was tough. I wish I’d had this course when I was healing from adrenal fatigue. It’s still nice to have this information to help my own clients in the future.” ~Terry, Health Coach~

For the Holistic Detox Support Course:

“Common sense detox advise! Thanks.” ~Monica K.~

“This makes SO much sense now. I’m already seeing good results with some of these suggestions.” ~Barb F.~

“This Detox course was thorough and helped me understand the liver and its function. This will help me to detox my organs thoroughly without only focusing on just taking a detox supplement which is what most people do. I think better results only come from addressing the diet as well.~Terry H~

“Loved it!! Kristin is the absolute best instructor! So easy to understand, learned so much. Hope there are more courses planned. FABULOUS!! I LOOOOVE THESE COURSES! I’M NOW MOTIVATED TO START MY HEALING JOURNEY!” ~D.C.~

For Whole Food Nutrition:

“Easy to understand lessons! I am impressed with how this course is presented.” ~M.N~

“I had no idea supplements could be such an issue. Between this and the gut course, I feel like I actually know how to heal now.” ~Jennifer T.~

“Thank you for such a great course!” ~Heather K.~

“I’d advise anyone looking to learn more about minerals to consider taking this course. This course provided the foundation for me and now I’m even more interested in taking the full HTMA course to learn more and to be able to offer the test to my own clients.” ~T.H.~

For Holistic Weight Loss:

“For those looking to lose weight, this is a great course to learn from. She teaches you how to experience sustainable weight lost naturally and without breaking the bank with expensive programs and products that keep you hungry.​” ~Terry-Health Coach~

“Everyone that fell for the dieting lies needs to take this course. Many women spend YEARS hating their bodies, but it’s time to take our power back and learn to love our own bodies.” ~Lily W.~

For the HTMA Training Course:

The HTMA and Mineral balancing course provided by Sassy Holistics Kristin Merizalde is an absolute wealth of knowledge, carefully prepared, with supporting documentation, podcast options (my favourite), detailed ratios, patterns, tips and “tricks” for all those interested in how to balance minerals and trace elements as well as how to analyse and interpret samples and results.

It also highlights the importance of nutrition and gut health, offers “solutions” to various imbalances, why it is important to re-test and which blood test should accompany the HTMA analysis. One serious approach to one’s health.

The non-stop access to the course and the freedom to complete it on our own pace offers a pressureless approach to educating all those wanting to help themselves and others.

I could not thank Ms. Merizalde enough for educating one chemistry analyst!

PS: I cannot wait for the Gut Healing Course!


“I absolutely LOVED the course. It was a great education on how healing the body works. I especially like the information on how imbalances come about and the practical steps on how to fix them. Setting up the body to heal itself using a holistic nutrition approach seems so common sense to me. The recommendations are easy to understand, simple to follow and extremely cost-effective to implement. It doesn’t have to cost an arm-and-a-leg to heal… people just need the right information.” ~Karen Higgins, FNTP~

“Loved the class! Definitely helped me understand HTMA more and I love your approach to balancing minerals with food and letting the body heal in its own time on its own schedule. I still don’t understand how you know if a mineral is actually what the HTMA says or its being dumped, but I need to study more on my own and look at lots of HTMA’s. I also love that you have tried everything that you suggest and I plan to do the same. I won’t recommend something unless I have tried it. Thanks Kristin!!!”

“Kristin, I cannot thank you enough for providing such an informative and well-structured course on mineral balancing. The course has given me a strong understanding and wealth of knowledge when reading and interpreting Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. The biggest thing I have learnt is to use Whole Food Nutrition for best results when embarking on a mineral balancing protocol. Whole food nutrition is far more superior and results in better outcomes than synthetic products/supplements and isolated nutrients (and I can attest to this in my own mineral balancing journey). Using HTMA and working personally with Kristin has made the biggest impact on my own health and I am truly grateful for Kristin’s passion and level of expertise in this field.”

“This course was very well done. It did help me understand so much more about balancing the minerals and understand why certain people will react they way they do based on what comes back in their tests. I’m glad you recorded everything and I noticed you put the chat screens up on some of them too. I think that will be so helpful to go back over as I start analyzing tests.”

“Most balanced HTMA class I have ever taken, plus there is such a bigger focus on actually using food, herbs, and more holistic ways to heal instead of popping 20 pills a day. Having gone through the HTMA process with Kristin personally myself, I found this class to be enlightening and I understand the WHY behind it all so much better now. This course is for those that was a more modern take on mineral balancing and for those that want to break free from the protocols, synthetic supplements, and isolated nutrients. This class is packed with info, especially considering the price- most other classes out there are more than double the price and still don’t explain things this well!”

“Kristin’s class was incredibly informational and was made easy to understand even to a novice. She made sure to answer any question posed and was very pleasant to work with. I would recommend her class to anyone interested in HTMAs or just the body’s minerals in general.”

This course will prepare all nutritionists who really adopt a “food nutrition” focus in their practice to help clients, and not the supplement pushing focus to help their clients because I think there’s a big difference. Kristin is very passionate in her craft and she teaches this course as such. This course is a must-have for all Holistic Nutritionists who want to grow.” ~Terry, Health Coach~

“As a Naturopath, I researched many HTMA courses before buying Kristin’s. Now that I have finished the course I feel that I made a great decision. Kristin thoroughly covered all aspects of the HTMA test and explained everything so clearly. I am also using her suggestions and support to heal my own gut health issues and feeling better every day. I would highly recommend her course.” ~Karin Byrd, ND The Natural Path~

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