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It’s Time! Perfect Supplements Never Stop Nourishing Sale

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Perfect Supplements Never Stop Nourishing Sale

It’s time for the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR (yes, that deserves all caps!)

I absolutely LOVE Perfect Supplements and cannot say enough good things about them. Out of all of the companies I’ve worked with over the years they have been absolutely incredible. They listen to suggestions, they care so much about their customers, and they are dedicated to providing the best quality whole food supplements out there at an affordable price. I’ve been using Perfect Supplements items in my own home as well as for our HTMA protocols for over 6 years now. They are incredibly high quality and they work so well. 

Most of you likely already know that I always choose FOOD first when it comes to nutrition and healing. Perfect Supplements makes it easy to get a wide range of nutrients in from varied sources.


Perfect Supplements Never Stop Nourishing Sale

This is always the BEST sale of the year, and the best time to stock up on all of your fave Perfect items.

Here are all of the necessary details for this sale:

  •  Officially the sale is From Tuesday (11/14) Until Thursday (11/16) (you can start shopping at 12pm EST on 11/13 to get in sooner!)
  • The main sale is 25% off all items on the site-  BUT add the code SASSY at checkout for another 10% off (so a total of 35% off of Perfect Supplement Items!).
  • As always, you get FREE shipping on domestic orders over $99


MY Favorite Perfect Brand Items:

  • Grass-fed Collagen Powder ( World’s First Certified Glyphosate Residue Free Collagen)- this one of the items I recommend most to my own clients. Collagen and gelatin health benefits include: healthy hair and nail health; healing/sealing gut lining; provides highly digestible protein; provides amino acids for muscle health; reduces inflammation; supports healthy joints; can help improve sleep; boosts a sluggish metabolism, supports healthy brain function, and can help with reducing or eliminating wrinkles and cellulite.
  • Organic Chicken Bone Broth Powder– just like collagen, this can help with gut healing. Chicken can be better tolerated than beef for those with histamine issues. This tastes SO good in soups too!
  • 100% Organic Coconut based MCT Oil–  MCT oil is great for supporting a healthy metabolism, aiding in weight loss, and for detox support.
  • Desiccated Beef Liver (capsules or powder)- these help with hormonal balancing, copper/iron support, and energy.
  • Matchinga for energy, massive amounts of vitamins and minerals, and a nice green tea treat!
  • Perfect Baobab- This amazing fruit is PACKED with nutrients! Baobab is a good source of fiber, and has some potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, and a lot of antioxidants. It is a prebiotic so it can help with supporting a healthy microbiome.
  •  Perfect Plant Protein- This plant based protein is made with Pumpkin Seed, Hemp Seed, and Sacha Inchi. Each serving has 17 Grams of Protein, 224mg of Magnesium, and 270mg of Potassium! It’s also a Complete Protein (all 9 essential amino acids).
  • Multi Organs supplement- This is an amazing blend of 6 glandulars made from pasture raised grass fed cows and sheep. Glandulars have been used for thousands of years as a “like treats like” therapy- if you have a weak heart, then use a heart glandular. If you have a weak liver, consume liver, etc. This is a highly popular item at Perfect, so be quick to get it if it’s in stock!
  • Perfect Supplements Acerola Cherry Powder- an AMAZING source of natural whole food vitamin C. 1/4 tsp has 240mg of vitamin C, and each bottle has 120 servings. We need vitamin C for a healthy immune system, healthy adrenals, and for copper/iron metabolism.
  • Perfect Mushroom Immunity– Mushrooms are a hot trend right now and with good reason! They are a powerful superfood. This blend is truly perfect- Organic Reishi, Chaga and, Turkey Tail. They have capsules or powder to choose from.


Click here to check out all of the Perfect Supplement Brand items!

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