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My Story of Healing

How I found the road to better health and wellness Growing up, my health was very up and down. I remember being sick a lot, and one year in elementary school I nearly got held back because of how many days I missed. I remember having ear infections, lots of dental cavities (4 amalgams at age 5- thank goodness they were baby teeth and eventually fell out), lots of stomach bugs, chicken pox, and ... Read the Post

How to Support your Child’s Wellness with Natural Healing

How To Heal Kids Naturally Every time I hear about how sick kids are these days, I get so angry. We SHOULD be angry about this. About half of all kids in the US have a chronic illness these days. For some reason, conventional medicine just keeps making new diagnoses and more drugs for kids instead of addressing the actual issues. Unfortunately, kids are inheriting our deficiencies and ... Read the Post

Why Learning Needs to be a Part of Your Healing Journey

You are your own best advocate The longer I am in the health world, the more I have realized one huge thing: we have to be our own best advocates! The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to teach others about health. It is important that we learn things on our own, no matter how daunting or hard it may seem. Lately, I've been getting asked to do more videos or audio ... Read the Post