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Why We Need to be our own Best Advocate!

Becoming your own best advocate for health is important! One of the major lessons that I have learned on my own health journey is that as an individual, we have to be the ones that are in charge of ourselves. Growing up, most of us were taught to go to the doctor when we were sick and we were supposed to just do as they said because they were the "experts". That mentality is something that I ... Read the Post

The 9 Greatest Health Benefits of Ghee: The BEST Fat for Fat Burning!

What in the world is GHEE? Admittedly when I first heard of ghee, I wasn't impressed. I didn't understand why it was so different from regular butter, and at first I wasn't really crazy about the taste. But the more I learned, the more I realized how amazing this food is! Ghee is clarified butter, which is made with a process that slowly uses heat to remove moisture, milk solids, lactose, ... Read the Post

Natural Pain Relievers for Chronic Pain

I'm no stranger to Chronic Pain! I dealt with fibromyalgia for several years before I finally found natural ways to get rid of it. That pain was BRUTAL for 6 years. Dealing with 24/7 pain changes you as a person. I always try to remain positive about things, but there were definitely days were the pain was just way too much to deal with. Unfortunately back then, my go-to pain relievers ... Read the Post