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Holistic Mental Health Support

If you've been following Sassy Holistics for awhile, you likely already know that most of what I write about is focused on overall holistic health. This includes physical AND mental health, so I don't always make it a point to separate the 2 when I'm writing. With all of the stress, chaos, and trauma of this crazy year, I think it would be helpful to put together some resources on how to ... Read the Post

4 Reasons to Use HTMA In your Holistic Health Practice

Are you a nutritional practitioner that is looking for a comprehensive test to add to your practice? Something that gives a lot of information, is non-invasive, and affordable? HTMA is the BEST test to use for holistic health practitioners. Here's a quick post on why HTMA is the best! 1- It's Non-Invasive HTMA is one of the easiest tests to do. You just need a heaping teaspoon of hair, ... Read the Post

Fu@K Fibro: One Woman’s Two-finger Salute to Chronic Illness by Marie Paddington-Chivers

I am SO excited to talk a bit about this new book from a friend and client of mine, Marie Paddington-Chivers. Marie recently published this book, and it is SUCH an amazing read and I hope it can be an inspiration to others on their path to wellness as well. Marie is so real with her writing, and she covers a LOT of ground. In her book, you will learn a bit about her own personal story ... Read the Post