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My Favorite Liver Support Supplement: BioRay Liver Life

I've been waiting for a while to post this because I wanted to give a real and honest review on BioRay Liver Life.  For the last year,  I've been recommending this product that I've been finding to be extremely beneficial for my whole family and I want to share everything that I know about it. I heard of this product a few years ago from people that used it and loved it, but it took me ... Read the Post

How to Detox Uranium

Uranium is a common heavy metal on the HTMA Uranium is a naturally occurring element but it has the potential to be toxic. I just wanted to make a short post as a reference for those that have noticed high uranium levels on their HTMA. Sources of Uranium: Uranium is very high in granite deposit- so those that mine granite or live near a granite mine are at risk for high exposureFood ... Read the Post

How to Detox Aluminum Naturally

Aluminum is actually a naturally occurring element in our Earth, but its use in everyday products like cookware, antiperspirant, antacids, tap water, vaccines, and bleached flour is making aluminum toxicity a huge issue. What happens when we get too much aluminum? Aluminum toxicity is most commonly related to Alzheimer's disease, but it is also involved in ALS, Parkinson's, kidney and liver ... Read the Post