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Health Benefits of Vitamin A

I LOVE VITAMIN A! So many issues can be related to vitamin A deficiency. The 2 most abundant sources of retinol are liver and cod liver oil- 2 things which I had never even heard of until a few years ago (seriously, I didn’t know people could eat liver!). I am sure a majority of people in the Western world grew up the same- lots of process foods, very low fat and cholesterol, margarine, etc. We ... Read the Post

Why Ceruloplasmin is So Important for Copper Balancing

What is Ceruloplasmin Anyway?? Ceruloplasmin is a blood marker that gets talked about a lot lately, and I had a request to make a full on post about its importance. In a nutshell, ceruloplasmin is crucial for balancing copper and iron correctly, and testing for it can help give insight to your liver and adrenal health. It is often overlooked and never tested for, or it is only used to ... Read the Post

How to Heal From Fibromyalgia Naturally

There are many root causes for Fibro! When I was 17, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after almost a year of severe head-to-toe pain, digestive issues, depression, sleep issues, massive weight gain, and so much more. I went to so many doctors and specialists and got nowhere fast. Sleep studies, countless prescriptions, countless other tests- all just to be told it's fibromyalgia, there wasn't ... Read the Post