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How Minerals Influence Emotional Health

It is absolutely incredible and fascinating when you learn how nutrients can influence our health. It's even more interesting when you learn that they can influence our personalities! Let's go over how deficiencies and excesses of certain minerals can affect our emotions. Calcium Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body- 99% should be found in the bone (but over consumption is the ... Read the Post

Why Ceruloplasmin is So Important for Copper Balancing

What is Ceruloplasmin Anyway?? Ceruloplasmin is a blood marker that gets talked about a lot lately, and I had a request to make a full on post about its importance. In a nutshell, ceruloplasmin is crucial for balancing copper and iron correctly, and testing for it can help give insight to your liver and adrenal health. It is often overlooked and never tested for, or it is only used to ... Read the Post

Amazing Resources on the Importance of Minerals

I love HTMA and Mineral Balancing! I was asked yesterday for some awesome resources that would help explain mineral balancing and HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) to those that are either skeptical about the importance of nutrients or those that are just getting into holistic nutrition. I realized that while I have hundreds of links saved on my bookmarks bar, I haven't ever put the best ... Read the Post