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How to Nourish ourselves while Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Can we Detox While Pregnant or Breastfeeding? This question gets asked quite a bit in natural health circles, and I personally searched for this information when I was nursing my son.ย  Once you start learning about how toxic we are and how we can pass toxins to our babies (whether in utero or in breast milk), you want to know as much as you can to keep your child healthy.ย  Unfortunately, there ... Read the Post

The Main Nutrients you Miss if you’re Vegetarian or Vegan

When I was around 19, I decided to become a vegetarian. I had read a pamphlet about the benefits of it, especially about how factory farming is cruel and bad for the environment.  I had a whole new perspective on animal foods, plus I had never really liked meat my whole life. So I stopped dairy milk and switched to soy for a while, and then almond (thank goodness I hated the soy).  ... Read the Post

How to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

Nearly every day I hear from someone who is suffering with hair loss.  It is one of the most annoying side effects of hormonal imbalances.  Some women just deal with losing a little but each day, but others deal with handfuls which can be tragic. I personally dealt with hair loss after the birth of my son, which is something that is just "normal" in our society so I didn't think much ... Read the Post