What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?


Hair tissue mineral analysis tests for crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper.

It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues.

HTMA’s main focus is on the ratios of the main minerals. The ratios show us trends in metabolism, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular health.


A properly read HTMA can help you to determine your gut function, liver health, if you’re using up nutrients due to stress (like infections, mold, etc), and more!

March 2020: We will not be mailing out any HTMA kits for the forseeable future to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Mail passes through a lot of hands and we would prefer to not take chances. We can still use EMAIL instructions though which also makes the process quicker for you. Thanks for understanding!

Sample HTMA

What is included in the HTMA package?


1) The hair test itself. As mentioned above: Hair tissue mineral analysis tests for crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper. It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues. HTMA’s main focus is on the ratios of the main minerals. The ratios show us metabolism, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular health.  HTMA is the BEST test out there for those needing foundational care as it shows us quite a bit of information.

2) An analysis of the nutrient levels and ratios. This is where the real magic lies, in a person’s ability to analyze the test properly. The information that comes with certain profiles straight from the lab tends to be a bit outdated and not personalized nearly enough. It doesn’t take into account the fact that many people are now suffering from severe leaky gut as well as very sluggish livers and lymph systems.  Currently, Kristin is only offering email consults.  Breezy and Denise are offering phone consults.

3) A personalized email report that outlines your imbalances and my recommendations based on your current needs.  These recommendations include foods, herbs, tinctures, and holistic health practices like journaling, dry skin brushing, castor oil packs, and more.  You will get detailed instructions on how to implement your plan.

4) Support while on the healing program for 2 months from the time of receiving your results. This includes email support only. If we don’t know what is going on with your healing, then we can’t help you! If things aren’t working out the way you hoped, please let us know and we’ll make adjustments. Please keep in mind that our email support is ideally used for quick questions, check-ins, and updates. In order to better serve you, if you feel your issue needs more attention than a quick email please book a follow up call with your consultant.

We will also have a private group just for our clients to chat on our new platform- coming soon!

5) And most of all: you get compassion. I truly want to help you heal!  I understand how the body heals and we are no strangers to how hard it can be. I do my best to offer support and understanding to your personal situation.

Why HTMA with Sassy Holistics is Different


We work on basic foundational care that EVERYONE needs, no matter what your current health situation is.  We work on gut healing, detox support, adrenal healing, and nutrient replenishment.  These are are crucial to work on if you’re trying to heal from a chronic illness.


We don’t use 1000 supplements!  Our goal is to help you HEAL.  Not to get stuck on supplements for the rest of your life.  If you’re on 10-20 pills a day based on nutritional needs- that is NOT holistic and it can create more issues in the long run.


We tailor your plans for what YOU need as an individual.  HTMA is an amazing tool, but for some reason it’s been used oddly for decades.  They usually just make a supplement plan based on the lab’s recommendations- not on the person as an individual.  I am one of the first people to do things differently and use HTMA the way it’s meant to be used- for biochemical individuality.

Frequently asked questions

4-6 weeks of new growth is preferred. The sample is that is needed is as close to the scalp as possible. If your hair dye has bleach or peroxide, you will have to either wait for new growth (or leave a hidden section un-dyed) or you can send fingernails or pubic hair. We encourage scalp hair though as that is the most accurate sample. The lab does not accept beard, armpit, or other hair.

This whole process only takes about 2-3 weeks from the time you order to the time of the consult. Once you place your order, you will get an email within 1-2 business days about how to take the hair sample and where to send it.

Absolutely! It’s never too soon to work on replenishment of minerals, and I encourage women to do HTMA even before they think about conception. We have special suggestions for those that are pregnant or nursing since we cannot always use the same items as everyone else. HTMA can help to regain your strength quicker after childbirth or help to build up nutrient stores before you hit the postpartum period.

My favorite phrase is “turtle speed”, and we use that approach with pretty much everyone at this point. We didn’t get sick overnight, so rushing the healing process doesn’t always work out. We go low and slow with our recommendations, and at the pace that YOU need.

Blood, saliva, urine, and stool samples are only able to show that exact moment in time that they were tested. They are a snapshot of what is going on, and they can change significantly within minutes or hours. A hair sample shows us about 3-4 months of time so it gives a MUCH better view on how you are using your minerals.

We cannot accept samples from NY state, but the rest of the US is absolutely ok. There are some restrictions on international clients though, so email me if you have questions, or we’ll talk about it when you order.

Hair tissue mineral analysis shows us about 3 months of time- it’s a very solid view on what your body has been doing when it comes to your mineral levels over a longer period of time (versus blood or other tests). The main reason why we retest the HTMA every 3-4 months is huge- you want to make sure that you are still needing the program that you were originally put on!

Retesting ensures that we’re either on the right track still and do not need to deviate too much from what we are doing, OR it could actually be that things have shifted so significantly that it would be time to change everything around.

I’ve also seen in just 3-4 months where the minerals get significantly better and then we can move onto the next stages of healing depending on what the person is going through- usually more detox support for things like EBV, parasites, heavy metals, etc. Retesting gives us the best insight on how strong a person is getting in the process and when we can start introducing more into the healing program.

We also offer a retest discount price if you test within 6 months of your first test!

* I cannot sell just the HTMA without the consult. Nor can we do consults without an HTMA.

*Please make sure your PayPal email is your primary email as I will send you my intake form, as well as instructions for taking the hair sample, as soon as you order. 

*I use TEI Labs for my tests as they do not wash the hair samples when they receive them. The hair-washing procedure that some labs use can actually skew results for certain minerals like zinc, potassium, and sodium.

*Ask about family/bulk discounts too! Email for info.

*Please be advised that Denise is currently only able to accept
US based clients.

Return policy: If for some reason you change your mind after you order the HTMA package, you have 60 days to request a refund. This is only valid if you have not sent in your sample to the lab yet. Please use within 6 months of purchase. Tests will become void after 1 (one) full year if not used.

“Working on a plan with my HTMA has restored my faith in healing with food. I had been to a family dr, naturopathic dr, integrative medicine dr through out the course of 3 years and didn’t feel any better. Tired, insomnia, headaches/migraines 3/4 weeks a month. Thyroid checked out fine, adrenals checked out fine, minerals (blood tests) checked out fine, but I still felt crappy. Through a serendipitous interaction on FB I found out about a Kristin and her process this summer and got my HTMA done in July. I started with a healing crisis (increased insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety) which spooked me a little but had great communication with Kristin and we made a few adjustments to my plan and by my second month I was sleeping so much better, and handling stress so much better, and by the 3rd month I was able to implement my full plan. Years of not taking care of myself will take more than a couple of months to fix, but I saw more progress in those three months than in the years before it with the random drs. Because I had to go slow I waited to get my second HTMA done until 6 months after instead of three so that’s this month. I’m excited to see where’s it at and what to do next.”
My son with ASD had a MASSIVE turnaround using the HTMA process with Kristin. His symptoms (anxiety, sensory issues, inability to concentrate, lack of social skills, basically just a miserable kid) have dissipated by 75%. It’s truly amazing.
"“As far as functioning, i am doing better than i ever can recall, I can get through the day without being totally physically exhausted and I never remember being like that…overall compared to where i started it is night and day-i know i have a long way to go but i was really bad off. I feel this saved my life–i think everyone needs the service you provide, i tell them but no one i know listens-but it could spare people a lot of misery now and in the future i think”

About Us at Sassy Holistics

Welcome to Sassy Holistics! I’ve been on the path to help people achieve better health using whole food nutrition, mineral balancing, and holistic healing principles for almost 7 years now.

The body is a whole and we must treat it as such! I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, certificates in Herbal Studies from Herbal Academy, and I am constantly learning more about health to help my clients and followers.

Our goal is to help you unleash your own inner healer! You already hold the power to heal inside you. Our role is as a guide to help you realize this potential.

About 5 years ago, I started my journey into the natural health world by launching Sassy Holistics. I flew solo for a long time, but I was lucky enough last year to hire 2 amazing ladies to help out. I am blessed to call these ladies friends as well as employees! I wanted to fully introduce them to everyone and explain their roles with Sassy Holistics.

I trust these ladies and have really enjoyed working with them for the last 2 years. Breezy and Denise are both intelligent, hard-working, empathetic, and dedicated to helping others heal.

Kristin Merizalde