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Nettle Infusion Recipes

Many of my readers will know that I LOVE nettle infusions. They truly helped me so much with many of my adrenal related symptoms when I first started them. They also helped resolve my life-long anemia within a few months!

To recap the awesome qualities of nettles:

Stinging nettles can truly be considered a cure-all. They help with adrenal health, kidney and liver detox, blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, they help increase milk supply for nursing mothers, they help prevent and treat anemia, and they are a natural anti-histamine.

Why are nettles so great for all of these ailments? They are full of calcium, magnesium, iron, B complex vitamins, C complex, vitamins A, D and K as well as protein, cobalt, trace minerals, potassium, iodine, boron, manganese, zinc, copper and sulphur.

You can read my entire post on nettle infusions here.

In our world of depleted soils and weak bodies, we NEED all of the nutrition we can get. Herbal infusions can be a huge helper for those that need to replenish several nutrients.  Isolated nutrient supplements can create even more imbalances over time, but since herbal infusions are FOOD, they are better utilized by the body and they already have a natural balance between the nutrients they contain.

The only downside to nettles is the taste! They have a very “green” taste to them, almost like cooked spinach.  When I first started them, I was willing to do anything to get better so I just dealt with the taste. After a few days I actually grew to love the taste, and I craved them. But I know that the taste is so hard to get around for most people so I wanted to get together a few recipes to help make nettles more enjoyable.

Nettle Infusion Recipe Ideas

Whatever way you choose, just make sure you try them!

Already using nettles and want to look into other herbal infusions? Check out my post to read about red clover, comfrey leaf, red raspberry leaf, and oatstraw!

Other ideas for flavoring nettles (thanks to my awesome Mavens!):

  • Add 1/4 cup of cranberry juice per quart of nettles
  • With warm with coconut milk (canned) and raw honey
  • With Blueberry herbal tea and raw honey
  • Lemon or lime squeezed in, splash of apple cider vinegar and some honey or maple syrup makes it lemonade-ish
  • Mix with red raspberry or oatstraw (do 1/2 cup of 2 herbs in one quart of water)
  • Some add molasses, maple syrup, or raw honey
  • use in Kombucha brewing
  • mixed with alfalfa then add juice like tart cherry then a splash of maple syrup and wedge of lemon and a ton of ice
  • add anise seed, stevia leaf, and thyme.

And “Bulletproof” nettles:
8-12oz nettles warmed up
2 raw eggs
1 scoop Collagen
2T coconut oil
1T butter
1T MCT oil
Ceylon cinnamon
Blend away

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