The BEST Natural Supplement Companies

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The BEST Natural Supplement Companies

It is VERY hard to know who to trust these days, even supplement companies. While it is well-known that our soils are depleted of many minerals, it is also well-known that there are plenty of companies out there cashing in on the “natural health movement”.  Just because a product says it is natural does not mean that it is effective.  There are many kinds of supplements out there- herbal, food based, and synthetic are the main categories.  I’ll write out my lists for the companies I like in these categories.  I will add links to their sites when available so you can read more about them.

I am very pro-food based and herbal. I believe that since this is how nature intended for us to get nutrients that this is ideal (man just intervened and screwed it up with bad nutritional advice for decades, plus pharmaceuticals, and excess stress- this has all depleted us of vital nutrients). 


The Best Herbal Companies

Herb Pharm– Started in 1979, has an 85-acre organic farm where most of their herbs come from; They make mostly herbal tinctures. I love their adrenal support formulas and herbal bitters.

Gaia Herbs– Started in 1986, 250 acre farm, very strict on organic farming, 5 million different plants. I love their elderberry syrup and adrenal formulas, as well as their Sweetish Bitters.

BioRay: This company been around for about 25 years. They use a mixture of ancient Chinese medicine and modern science to formulate their products. They make their products in small batches and use only organic ingredients.

Herbalist and Alchemist-Founded 35 years ago by David Winston, this company has many amazing herbal formulas.

Earthley– Earthley has some of the most impressive herbal and nutritional supports that I have ever seen. I love supporting small businesses too so we have been recommending Earthley a lot more lately. They have tinctures, whole food supplements, skin care, and more.


The Best Food Based Supplement Companies

Perfect Supplements– WAPF approved; food based; organic options; very affordable. As of now, I also have a special code for my readers to save 10% off of their whole order from Perfect as well (use SASSY at checkout!). I love their grass-fed collagen and desiccated beef liver!

Grown by Nature-amazing whole food supplements! They offer whole food vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, as well as digestive and immune support options.

NutraPro– we recommend their Virgin Cod liver oil and butter oil; BEST value as far as cod liver oil goes

Synergy– Organic, non-GMO, gluten free; since 1991; 3,000 acres of organic farmland for their products; most popular product is their Pure Radiance Whole Food C

This list has been updated in 2021. Many companies have either sold out or switched their formulas over the years, so there are not many companies I trust anymore. Check out my post here to find out who owns your favorite supplement companies (it’ll shock you!).

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