Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD

Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD

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Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD

I’ve already touched on how diet plays a huge role in mental health, as well as what the “ideal” diet should be. People think “nutrition” and they think “simple, useless, not important”. In reality, nutrition is EVERYTHING. Personal biochemistry is the biggest blueprint in healing from any illness.

Our kids are truly suffering and it is time for us to start saving our future generations. 1 in 11 kids has “ADD”, 1 in 45 have autism, and 1 in 6 have learning disabilities. These things are not just being diagnosed better. They are just more prevalent!

Are our children truly suffering from things like ADD and ADHD, or are they lacking critical nutrients that are required for proper functioning? Many people out there know that so many diagnoses are just created for the sole purpose of marketing a drug for that illness. So many nutritional imbalances and toxicities play a huge role in our overall health. Food additives, heavy metals, pathogens, and nutritional deficiencies all play a huge role in why our kids are suffering so much these days.


Food Additives to Avoid for ADD and ADHD

*Food coloring is probably one of the most common additives out there. You’ll see it in vitamins, juice, fruit snacks, candies, and even some bread! These fake colors might look pretty but they are linked to many behavioral problems in children (think ADD, ADHD, temper tantrums, etc), tumors, ulcers, allergies, chromosomal damage, asthma and severe gut pain.  Some of these colors are actually banned in other countries- a huge sign that they are not safe!

*High Fructose Corn Syrup: There is such a huge difference between high fructose corn syrup and normal sugar. For one, natural sugars like those found in fruits are NATURAL. They are on Earth for a reason- to help give energy! HFCS from GMO corn is a man-made monstrosity that has no place in a human’s diet. HFCS is linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and liver failure- and that is just with moderate consumption! We ll know how crazy kids get after eating a lot of sugar as it is, but HFCS tends to have even worse long term side effects. Eliminating it can help quite a bit when it comes to behavior issues.

Other foods/additives to avoid for better health:


Heavy Metals and Pathogens

It’s nearly impossible to avoid toxin exposure these days. We are bombarded on a daily basis with nasty chemicals

The most common metals, pathogens, and other toxins that we deal with are:

  • Mercury: found in food, some vaccines, dental fillings. Mercury toxicity literally has a countless amount of symptoms associated with it, and it is one of the hardest metals to deal with.
  • BPA: Found in most plastics. Has a negative effect on behavior and hormonal balance
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is an extremely common element but its use in vaccines, personal care products, and cookware is making people deal with health issues, especially those pertaining to the nervous system. Aluminum also make us absorb more fluoride!
  • Fluoride: A few years ago, fluoride was a declared a neurotoxin by Harvard but it is still in our water supply and toothpaste. Fluoride lowers IQ, it can actually CAUSE dental issues, and it damages the brain and bones.
  • Cadmium: Cadmium can take zinc’s spot in a zinc deficient body which causes a whole lot of health issues. Excess cadmium can cause learning disabilities, anger issues, and hyperactivity.
  • Parasites: Parasites are well known for messing with our mental health. Common symptoms in kids of parasites include mood swings, anger, anxiety, and teeth grinding.
  • I highly recommend BioRay for starting the process of eliminating metals and pathogens in kids, as well as for healing the gut. You can see my whole post on healing the gut for kids here. CALM is the best to start with for liver and adrenal support because you want to make sure they can actually eliminate toxins correctly. Then SHINE is the next best for starting to balance out the gut. FOCUS is the main one for heavy metals, and HAPPY is best for unwanted organisms. Read my entire post on the Bioray tinctures here to learn more.


Nutritional Deficiencies and ADD/ADHD

Our food is depleted of much-needed nutrients, we’re eating more refined and processed foods, and we are passing deficiencies down with each generation. There is a very slim chance that anyone on this planet doesn’t have some sort of nutritional deficiency! Many nutrients play a role in the brain and nervous system which would effect behavior and mood.

  • Magnesium is probably the most important nutrient that kids are lacking these days. Magnesium helps calm down a stressed nervous system. Most kids have very high sodium/magnesium ratios because their adrenals are extremely overactive. This leads to aggressiveness, inability to concentrate, and an inability to calm down.
  • Copper/zinc Imbalance: This is another big cause of behavior issues in children these days. Excess, unbound copper can be overstimulating to the brain and nervous system, which creates symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, and angry outbursts. There are many things involved in fixing a copper imbalance too: adrenal health, liver health, zinc deficiency, impaired gut function, vitamin A deficiency, and vitamin C deficiency.

I highly recommend homeopathy as a modality to heal children from any health issues these days. My own homeopath has a lot of experience with healing kids that deal with ADD/ADHD as well as PANDAS and other common things kids deal with these days. 


More on mineral balancing and ADD/ADHD and Autism:


Other issues influencing our children’s behavior and the truth behind these diagnoses:



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