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I’m no stranger to Chronic Pain!

I dealt with fibromyalgia for several years before I finally found natural ways to get rid of it. That pain was BRUTAL for 6 years. Dealing with 24/7 pain changes you as a person. I always try to remain positive about things, but there were definitely days were the pain was just way too much to deal with.

Unfortunately back then, my go-to pain relievers included daily NSAIDs, Icy-Hot, and (once I turned 21) vodka. Yea… safe to say that my liver was quite angry! Now that I know better, I cringe when I think of my lifestyle back then and it makes me even more determined to help people dealing with issues like chronic pain.

My main tips for helping Chronic Pain

Love your Lymph

I know, what does chronic pain have to do with the lymph system? Well, a whole lot! We have lymph nodes in clusters in various parts of the body. When detox gets sluggish, this tends to make the lymph itself sluggish and we can deal with swelling, pain, constipation, and fatigue. Stimulating the lymph can help with all of these issues.

The lymph system doesn’t have its own pump so we have to do things that help it out. My favorite lymph movers include:  rebounding, dry skin brushing, nettle infusions, castor oil packs, and yoga (especially legs on the wall. That inversion is priceless for aiding the lymph!).

Another great lymph lover and overall pain reducer is a far infared heating pad like this one. I will be doing a whole article on this soon so be on the lookout. But to sum it up: far infared heat is incredibly anti-inflammatory, and it also helps to boost a sluggish metabolism. It can help with chronic, underlying infections as well!

Somehow I tend to forget another big helper too- a foam roller. These are AMAZING for relieving tension, especially in the back and shoulders.

Mineral Baths

Magnesium plays a huge role in muscle health, and it is a pretty common deficiency. Epsom salt baths are quite popular and are well-known for their ability to sooth sore muscles. Magnesium chloride (they come in oil or flakes) baths can be even better for restoring magnesium levels. I tend to prefer dead sea salts since they are a bit more balanced than just plain magnesium.

You can use anywhere from 1/2 cup to 2 cups of the mineral salts in a full tub of water (try to keep it more warm, not too hot!). Soaking for about 20 minutes at least is usually perfect, once or twice a week. You can add up to a full cup of unrefined sea salt as well if you need that extra sodium. You can read my whole post on Magnesium here. Magnesium does need to be balanced with sodium and potassium, so I usually recommend drinking some coconut water with salt water sole before a mag bath, or do an adrenal cocktail.

Read more about mineral baths here.

Topical Natural Pain Relievers

*Poofy Organics has an amazing natural alternative to IcyHot: RUB-OLOGY Healing Liniment. This is made with organic essential oils that are specific for helping pain.

*Lavender essential oil is amazing topically for helping pain and inflammation, so a lotion like this one is my favorite for dealing with tension and stress!

*Swift Naturals has their famous “Pain Be Gone Deep” that has herbs like comfrey, arnica, and yarrow as well as a few other key ingredients to help get rid of intense pain.

Food Based Pain Relievers

*Golden Paste is one of the BEST remedies for chronic pain and inflammation. This is the best recipe for it here. Consuming turmeric as golden paste or even golden milk is better than any pills too as the food itself will be more bioavailable.

*Aloe Vera is one of the most soothing and versatile plants out there. Aloe can help with inflammation, oxidative stress, leaky gut, and overall detox support which can all be underling issues causing chronic pain. My top pick for aloe vera is George’s brand because it is distilled, preservative free, and tastes like water!

*Tart Cherry Juice is another great food that helps with inflammation and chronic pain. It also is a great insomnia buster, which most chronic pain sufferers deal with as well.

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