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Natural Libido Support (and Why We Can Lose Our Libido!)

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Natural Libido Support (and Why We Can Lose Our Libido!)

I know this topic can be something that makes people uncomfortable to talk about! It is a common topic I get asked about, especially in consults with clients, so I wanted to finally put a post together on why libido can decline and how we can help to get it back.  A large majority of the HTMA clients I get mark low libido as a symptom they are dealing with. It’s no wonder why too as all of them have a lot going on- underlying infections, nutritional imbalances, and so much more. There are a few things that can help with natural libido support, but I will say that for some people it is more about healing the body and being patient with yourself as your energy replenishes. Sex takes a LOT of energy for many people, and while we are healing we often have to know when to use or save the little energy we have.


Why does our Libido Disappear?!

The biggest reason is because our whole body is exhausted. There is very little energy for day to day function as it is, so something that can be viewed as “extra” like sex isn’t a priority for a body that is exhausted. This is especially a bigger issue for women because biologically (obviously ) sex can lead to a baby- if we are absolutely depleted already, then the body will want to avoid this as it’ll take even more energy and nutrients that our bodies are already lacking in. Growing babies is very hard work and our bodies instinctively want to heal before letting this happen again.

Adrenal exhaustion (aka HPA axis dysfunction) is going to be the biggest thing to work on to get libido back up and running. When our HPA axis is stressed, everything is affected: energy, hormones, detox, digestion, etc. Things that are deemed “non essential” are put on the back burner as the body heals- this includes reproductive function!


How to Get Your Libido Back

Losing your libido is a symptom of a larger, whole-body issue that is going to take time to get back. As you begin healing, you might notice it comes back at time to time and that is a great sign that your healing is going in the right direction!

Working on healing your adrenals is the best first start, especially with mineral balancing. An HTMA is always the best first place to start to figure out what is going on with your foundation– your metabolism, adrenals, thyroid, gut, and more.

Balancing copper and zinc is the most important aspect of fixing this issue from a nutritional standpoint. These 2 minerals are crucial for our hormonal balance. Copper is related to estrogen. Zinc is related to testosterone and progesterone.  When we are dealing with adrenal dysfunction it can be very hard for our bodies to balance these nutrients.

You can read my entire copper article here to get the full story on balancing it, but the basics are this:

  • We need a healthy gut to absorb zinc from foods.
  • We need healthy adrenals and a healthy liver to balance copper correctly
  • When copper is imbalanced, we can have issues with absorbing zinc as well. Taking too much zinc can further imbalance copper
  • Zinc is also antagonized when the immune system is stressed and when heavy metals are present


Oysters for Natural Libido Support

One helpful solution for this is oysters! Oysters are traditionally known as an aphrodisiac, and that is due to their incredibly high zinc content. If you don’t have issues with seafood then oysters are one of the best things to include in your life. Eating them is always an option, but most opt for a supplement. This works out to be more cost effective usually and it also helps to get smaller amounts of the nutrients each day (instead of infrequently as one likely can’t consume oysters daily due to price, availability, or because you’d get sick of them!).

It can be very tricky to find a clean oyster supplement, which is why I am very happy that Earthley carries one. Oysters are an excellent way to support many aspects of health. They support the thyroid, help with immune support, aid in libido and sexual health, help bladder and urinary tract health, and SO much more. In 2 capsules of Oyster Min you get: 0.3 mg iron (3% RDA), 2 mg zinc (22% RDA), 2.1 mcg selenium (4% RDA), 124 mcg copper (13.8% RDA), and 0.64 mcg B12 (25% RDA). While zinc might be the best known for libido support, the trick with nutrients is to get them from a NATURAL source so that your body can absorb them better. This is the perfect way to get in a whole food form of supplemental zinc. 

I have been recommending this item more to clients in the last few months and almost all of them have noticed a remarkable increase in their libido!

oysters for natural libido support


While we’re healing the underlying issues, there are a few herbal tinctures that can be used to help!

Loving Energy: this tincture is one of my favorites for healing the HPA axis. It can help with taking some of the strain off of the adrenals so that they can function better overall. I’ve had many clients use just this and get their libido back quickly too! Loving Energy has the added benefits of helping deal with stress better, to support the body during detoxing, and it can even help with balancing an excess histamine response.

Lady Passion: This is just for the ladies! I’m pretty sure it’s obvious what it helps with based on the name too. This can be used as needed to help boost desire, or on a daily basis to help with overall endocrine and hormonal balancing support. It can be used in conjunction with Loving Energy as well.

Red Rooster: This tincture is specific for balancing hormones for men, and can also be used in addition to Loving Energy. Red Rooster can also help with boosting overall endurance, even with athletic performance.



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