Nail Health and Nutrient Imbalances

Nail Health and Nutrient Imbalances

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Nail Health and Nutrient Imbalances

When you start to focus more on your health, you learn that the body does give us signs that there is something wrong going on in the body. Iridology is one of the main ones (which is fascinating!) but our nails can also be huge indicators. I wanted to just make a short reference to what certain signs on the nails mean.



We are supposed to have white, half-moons on our thumbs and first 3 fingers. Most people say we don’t ever get them on the pinky finger. I have seen these “moons” associated with about a dozen different nutrient deficiencies: magnesium, B12, iron, iodine, zinc, etc. But in reality I think that they are just a sign of over-all health. Think of the moons as a gas tank- as you replenish your nutrients, the moons start to appear and “fill up”. Under stress, the moons can drop back down and disappear. Many people notice the moons wax and wane as they go along on their healing process.



Ridges are mostly associated with adrenal fatigue- which in reality is a very broad term. There are many things involved in adrenal fatigue- nutrient imbalances, stomach acid deficiency (more on that below), and dehydration are among the most common issues!


White spots

White spots on the nails can be attributed to a few different things. They are most common with a zinc and copper imbalance. Zinc deficiency itself is usually the main cause, but many have noticed the spots when they are copper dumping. Some people have also noticed the spots during parasite die-off. Other than these causes, you could just have hit your nail on something hard to cause the mark 😉


Pale Nails

Pale nail beds are usually a sing of copper imbalances. Usually we associate pale nails with iron deficiency, but now we know how important copper is for iron regulation. Copper (and 2 of its co-factors, vitamins A and C) are crucial for pigment. Pale nails, cherry angiomas, and even white spots all over the skin are related to copper issues.


How to Make Healthy Nails

No matter what is going on with your nails, there are some general things you can do to help deal with the underlying issues.

  • Nails are made of protein. We need stomach acid to properly digest and assimilate protein. Unhealthy nails (and hair too!) are a sign of poor protein assimilation. Read about stomach acid here! And then check out how to get easily digested protein in your diet here.
  • The nutrients that are needed most for nail health are: calcium, magnesium,vitamin A,  vitamin D, vitamin C, copper, iron, and especially SILICA!
  • Oatstraw infusions are one of the most common sources of silica and they are amazing for both hair and nail health. You can read all about herbal infusions here.
  • Stop using toxic nail polishes and lotions! Switching your cleaning products to more natural ones can help as well.
  • Stay hydrated, and especially keep your electrolytes in balance.


Want to read more about nail health? Check this site out!


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