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Unless you’re living under a rock then you know about the chaos ensuing on our planet with the coronavirus. I’ve avoided talking much about it because honestly I see how it triggers a lot of people. I think when you scroll through social media and every post is about the panic that it creates even more panic. But at this point, I feel like I need to make a note about this since I’ve been getting asked a lot about it.

The main thing I think that this issue is going to teach us is that we ALL NEED TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF OURSELVES.

We should NOT be waiting for a pandemic to care about our health. This crisis is going to initiate one huge change with the people of the world: they will realize how little they actually know about health and wellness, and we should not be depending ONLY on the government to help us out in crises like this.

I have seen countless comments from people talking about how scared they are because they have a chronic illness and they are worried what would happen to themselves if they got seriously sick. Now is the time to really learn that we can HEAL from chronic illnesses. We do not need to live in discomfort, pain, or fear. We have the power to heal chronic issues, AND prevent future issues too!

We are not defenseless people.

There are PLENTY of things that we can do to get and stay healthy, and to prevent illness naturally. But since we all grew up on conventional “health”, most of us still aren’t in the right mindset about this. Most people still wait until something happens in order to change their habits.

Well guess what? This is our time to really get people on board with a more healthy lifestyle. Clean eating, healing traumas, learning more about natural remedies for acute issues, and taking our power back when it comes to health. This FEAR has really shown me how crucial it is for people to change. Luckily, HTMA is one of the best tests to start with to see what is needed with our foundations.

My Top Tips on Dealing with Our Current Situation and Natural Remedies for Coronavirus

Reduce Stress

  • Breathe. Just breathe. Take a step back, don’t talk about the virus so much, and don’t be afraid to ask others to stop talking about it if it triggers you.
  • Turn off the TV/Social Media if needed. The news has one main purpose: to incite fear. It is really doing a great job at that right now. Social media is even worse. People are constantly sharing doomsday posts and basically running around like Chicken Little right now. Just turn it off and again- breathe.
  • Ground yourself. Mediation, breathing exercises, a nice relaxing bath, or even make sure you’ve got your crystals on hand (black tourmaline, shungite, bloodstone, and carnelian are great for grounding). Pray more, talk to God or your angels, ask for light shields- whatever your cup of tea is. If you’re an empath, I highly recommend The Empowered Empath for more tips.
  • Hobbies! It’s a good time to start a new one or pick an old one back up. Take your mind off of the stress.
  • Use this time to have fun or start a new project! Connect more with your kids, play board games, read more books. Or take this time to start a side business that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time for- start a blog or make a business plan for something you really want to do.

Use Common Sense (AKA things that we should be following even without a pandemic!)

  • Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face with dirty hands when you’re not home. Don’t lick anything out in public. Ya know- things you should be doing anyway.
  • Stay home if you feel like you are getting sick
  • Stay home as often as you can to help with the effort of preventing the spread. Work at home, keep the kids home, only go out if absolutely needed. Right now, it’s not just about preventing issues with your own household- it is reducing the spread of it to others as well, especially those more susceptible to it.
  • Be thoughtful of others. Stop buying 600 packs of TP. Don’t take all of the items off a shelf. Help the elderly if they’re struggling in a store or at home. Check on your parents and grandparents more often and offer to help more. This honestly has been the most horrendous part of what is going on right now. People are selfish, ignorant, and absolutely disgusting. Fighting over toilet paper in the stores, FFS. We are all humans on this planet- start acting like it.
  • Clean your home and car as often as you can.
  • If you’re really worried, use sanitizer when you’re not home too. I like Dr. Bronner’s (you can find it at Whole Foods or even Vitamin Shoppe) but in a pinch, something like this would work.
  • Not everything is going to be coronavirus. The main signs are a fever with lower respiratory infection symptoms like a cough and difficulty breathing.

Herbs and Natural Remedies

  • Check out this post for some homeopathic ideas
  • Cod liver oil for vitamins A and D, both essential for Immune Health. I still don’t recommend high doses of isolated vitamin D though!
  • Whole Food Vitamin C- my favorite is Synergy Pure Radiance C. We need much less whole food C than the synthetic form. Everyone has their own idea of an ideal amount for when one is sick, but I would likely not exceed 600mg a day even with whole food forms (high doses can mess with copper balance). 2-4 servings of the Pure Radiance is perfect.
  • Elderberry- there is SO much going around right now about this. If you follow Stephen Buhner then you can see his take (he prefers elder leaf anyway apparently, but has some good points on elderberry). No one can seem to agree on this so use your own intuition and read a bit more about it. My take? I usually only use elderberry for acute issues, and it seems like that’s the best way to use it to avoid any possible issues with it. Long term use (like if you’re just using for prevention over the course of the winter season) might increase issues with it. Modern Alternative Mama has some good insight on this here too. One of our HTMA practitioners Denise also found this amazing article debunking the current fear going around about elderberry.
  • Herbal Teas: My faves are Gypsy Cold Care and Echinacea Plus for acute infections. They also have Breathe Easy and Throat Coat for those needing more support with respiratory symptoms or coughs/sore throats.
  • ACV is my go-to for colds for everyone.  I make a tea with 2 tablespoons ACV, raw honey, warm water, 1/4 tsp of ginger powder, and 1/4 tsp of Ceylon cinnamon.  Taking this twice a day can knock out a cold very quickly!  Also, ACV in Fire Cider is also amazing and strong.
  • Other helpful immune supporting herbs: ginger, red root, marshmallow root (great for lung health!), astragalus (although this tends to be better for chronic infections vs acute), and you can read more here about herbs for this virus at Herbal Academy. I am currently using ginger root, marshmallow root, astragalus, Loving Energy, and Liver Life, plus my usual dandelion root tea each day. I have still been healing from mold illness though and needed to get back into these tinctures anyway. I get those first 3 herbs from H&A, and the other 2 right here: Loving Energy and Liver Life (you guys can use the SASSY code for 10% on the Bioray site too).
  • Microbe Formulas also has the BioActive Carbon Binder, which is specific for viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemical toxins.


Obviously, we want to always aim for a clean, real foods diet but it is especially important to follow this to keep your immune system strong. Refined sugars, fake foods, and artificial sweeteners are foreign invaders to the body and will not help strengthen your health at all.  Fresh fruits and veggies, grass-fed meats and dairy, lots of grass-fed butter and coconut oil and real sweeteners (used moderately) are part of an ideal diet.

Household Items

It does make sense to stock up on canned or boxed foods, frozen foods, and a NORMAL amount of paper products like toilet paper and paper towels. Most say a 1-2 month supply is good right now. Many people are seeing that the stores are sold out of so many items, so do your best to shop when you can and stock up on enough food to last for several weeks. The less you go out during the next month, the better. Stock up on nettles, dandelion, and other items that you use regularly as well.

Helpful links I have saved:

Ending Notes:

This post is just an outline of what I really wanted to get accross. Try to stay calm, think rationally, and realize that most of the energy right now is intense because of the panic. Try to separate your emotions from those of others. Work on calming your stress levels down. FEAR is the worst part of all of this, and we’ve already seen how people are quick to turn against each other in times of crisis. Take care of yourselves as best as you can!

As things shift and calm down as spring hits the northern hemisphere, hopefully more people will start a shift towards a more holistic lifestyle too. We have the power to heal, no matter what the issue. Let’s just get through this stressful time though!

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