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My Favorite Health Brands and Products

These are a few of my favorite things!

What gelatin and collagen can help with:

  • Hair and Nail health
  • Healing and sealing the gut lining
  • Provides highly digestible protein, which is great for those with low stomach acid and adrenal fatigue
  • Helps provide amino acids for muscle health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Great for joint health
  • Helps sleep
  • Heals a sluggish metabolism
  • Promotes Healthy Brain Function
  • Can help reduce or eliminate wrinkles and cellulite!
  • Check it out here, and get 10% off with the code SASSY at checkout.

My absolute favorite adaptogen is Loving Energy from BioRay.

This is the most balancing and best tolerated adaptogen I’ve been able to find. It works well in tandem with the other BioRay tinctures, and you can increase your dose during times of stress or detox. It can also be helpful for those with histamine issues! You can find it here for the best price (and use the code SASSY for 10% off).

Loving Energy is one of the best adrenal adaptogens!

BioRay Liver Life is the best choice for liver loving and regeneration!

Benefits of Liver Life:

  • Improves detox, nutrient absorption and food tolerance
  • Increases metabolism and energy levels
  • Balances healthy body weight
  • Restores healthy pH balance
  • Promotes restful sleep and balanced hormones
  • Reduces skin irritations, head pain and sensory issues
  • Can reduce histamine response by about 48% (source)
  • Can improve liver function by 50% in only 15 days! (source)
  • Provides support for kidneys, liver, adrenals and lymph system

Dandelion Root Tea:

Dandelion’s most common use is for liver health. This herb is especially amazing for the liver since it not only protects the liver, it also helps rebuild it.  Dandelion helps stimulate bile flow in the liver, which is an important factor for people trying to regain their health and detox effectively. One source that it actually quadruples bile flow!  Read more on liver healing and gallbladder health.

1 quart of Nettle Infusion

Nettle Leaf Infusions:

Stinging Nettle infusions can truly be considered a cure-all. They help with adrenal health, kidney and liver detox, blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, they help increase milk supply for nursing mothers, they help prevent and treat anemia, and they are a natural anti-histamine. You can find a pound of nettles here.

What can MCT Oil help with?

  1. Great for the metabolism
  2. Helps with energy levels and mood stabilization
  3. Easily digestible fat, which is ideal for those with a sluggish liver
  4. Helps with weight loss
  5. Helps keep blood sugar stable
  6. Keeps you fuller longer, and helps curb sugar cravings
  7. It’s tasteless! You can add it to anything: smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, tea, etc. Most use 1-3 tablespoons a day, spread out. Start slowly though, just like anything else. It can truly get things moving!
  8. Great fuel for the brain!
  9. Helps to eradicate parasites, yeast, bacteria, and fungi in the body
  10. Helps constipation
  11. You can get 10% off with the SASSY code!

Why Beef Liver?

  1. As far as livers go, beef has the most bang for its buck.
  2. It has vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folate, and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron.
  3. Beef liver has the most bio-available form of copper. If you think about that, it makes sense why so many people are suffering from copper dysregulation these days: because who grew up eating liver regularly??
  4. It’s an excellent source of CoQ10
  5. It has an unidentified anti-fatigue factor (pretty sure it has to do with its nutrient content!)
  6. Helps your immune system stay strong
  7. Eating liver helps our livers work better as well
  8. Helps to speed up the metabolism (which is great for slow oxidizers!)
  9. It is amazing for female hormonal balance- helps those in menopause, those with PMS, and even those with irregular cycles
  10. They have capsules or powder!

BioActive Carbon BioTox:

This would be my top choice of binder for those dealing with mold illness. I personally use and love this one- it has done wonders for myself and for many of the clients I have recommended it to. This is one of the most effective and comprehensive binders out there. Right from the site: “It is formulated specifically to support binding biotoxins like mycotoxins from mold, ammonia from bacteria, and parasites and other byproducts from yeast, fungi, and viruses.” It helps to remove mold, sulfur, candida, ammonia and formaldehyde systemically (not just in the GI tract like activated charcoal- it also is less likely to interfere with absorption of nutrients like activated charcoal). It works in tissues and organs to get toxins out while aiding the body in balancing critical minerals that can be lost in the process of detox.

Infrared Heating Pad

What this basically does is stimulate your metabolism by increasing body heat slightly. This helps with getting the lymph moving, healing underlying infections, and even helps with weight loss. If you want to read more about the “why” behind this click here!

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart Cherry Juice is one of the most amazing ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Tart cherries help to stimulate melatonin production naturally. You don’t want to supplement with melatonin because it can trick the body into not making it on its own over time!

Ginger Juice

Ginger is an amazing supporting for gut healing, immune support, and overall health. Read my whole post on ginger here!

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