My Experience with Religion and Spirituality

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I know some people are going to read that title and go “there’s no difference between these 2 things!” But yes, there is! And I’m going to go into why.

I have had a rocky experience with religion myself. I was born into a Catholic family so I was christened Catholic at birth, went to Sunday school and mass every Sunday, and had my first communion as a child. I did all of these things because it’s just what I was told to do. At such a young age, I don’t think anyone can really understand or comprehend what all of that stuff is really for. When I was sexually abused at 7 years old, I decided I didn’t believe in God- how could there be such a loving being if he let someone hurt me like that (especially since my mother was abusive as well).

In middle school I tried to believe again- I joined a youth group with my friends, starting reading the bible, and even went on a retreat with the youth group. Honestly, I still didn’t believe at that time. I just wanted to be with my friends, especially since I wasn’t really allowed out much to begin with.

As an adult, I start saying I was agnostic. I didn’t know if I believed in God, and I didn’t really feel like finding out. I had given up because to me, it just didn’t make sense. Religion itself didn’t appeal to me either, especially once I started reading more books about history and saw how corrupt the church has ALWAYS been. And how many wars and violent acts were done in the name of religion. So much hatred, death, torture, and more has occurred because of differing beliefs in religions- and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

These days, I have realized WHY I never really believed much in religion- it’s actually a common empath trait. We tend to not believe in these divisions- religion, race, etc. We are all human and anything that divides us is not welcome. Religion is full of rules, and in many cases it is also full of fear-mongering. Threatening people with hell if they don’t “obey”, saying that everyone is evil and full of sin no matter what we do- these types of phrases are completely awful and have no place in ANYTHING that should be about love. Plus, it seems like so many people pick and choose what they want to believe from the Bible anyway, which just further perpetuates these divisions.

So what exactly is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

I absolutely LOVE this quote from this site:

Religion asks you to believe. Spirituality asks you to look.

Religion has dogmas. Spirituality has wisdom teachings.

Religion wants obedience. Spirituality wants experimentation.

Religion speaks of sin and hell. Spirituality speaks of karma.

Religion wants to comfort you. Spirituality wants to liberate you.

Religion is external. Spirituality is internal.

Religion is the form. Spirituality is the essence.

Religion wants to convert you. Spirituality wants to inspire you.

Religion is an institution. Spirituality is a journey.

Religion is often forced on people at birth, but spirituality is something you have to find yourself. Spirituality is the understanding that God, the Angels, and the Universe are always there- you don’t have to be in a church to feel their presence or talk to them.

Spirituality is also so personal. Everyone has their own version of what it means to them. It might mean praying to God, Jesus, or the Angels. It might mean connecting with Mother Earth and the Universe. It could mean just believing that we are all humans and we need to love one another, and help each other. There is no WRONG way to be spiritual, and there are no punishments or threats if you don’t follow a specific code.

One of the main issues with religion these days is that there is STILL such a hatred for women! I have friends and acquaintances that have dealt with abuse or infidelity from their husbands, and they have reached out their churches for help. The blame is often put on the women! They were not meek enough, they need to understand what a man’s rights are with his own wife, and the disgusting excuses go on and on. The men are never held accountable for their actions. Beyond the people I know, there are hundreds of stories that I have seen like this now. Women are still viewed as lesser than men and they are ignored and sent back to toxic or abusive situations. It’s 2020, people. Time to stop this ridiculousness.

My Journey into Spirituality

Over the last year, I have been learning more about what all of this means to me. For the last decade or so, I have had to realize that there really has been someone or multiple someones watching over me. Everything always works out for me, even if I have to go through a period of struggling to get there. Divine timing is always in my life- everything comes to me when we NEED it, not always when we want it. So I started learning more about the Universe and the angels. I started praying more, not just to God, but to the Angels (I am personally drawn to Archangels Michael and Raphael). I started practicing more meditation type techniques and visualizations.

I highly recommend this book- lots of great ideas about meditations and visualizations!

It’s still a bit weird to me, and it’s only been a few months that I have really been working on this. It is hard for me to have complete blind faith- but now I feel like I am actually more in tune with my own intuition, so it is becoming easier to trust. I found the most amazing ebooks as well which has helped me in learning more about the angels and what their main focuses are- you can check them out here! They are all free on Kindle unlimited as well, something I highly recommend for those that love to read. You can snag a free 1 month trial of Kindle unlimited here.

After the experiences I have had since praying to the angels more, I know that part of my journey is to help others learn more about them. They are always there- sometimes you just need to ask for help, or let them know you’re open to listening.

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