Mini Minerals Course

Learn about minerals, vitamins, heavy metals, and more at your own pace.

Learn all of this amazing information:


We'll go over the 15 most important minerals, plus 3 extras


Learn all about vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and K!

Heavy metals

We'll talk about where we pick up these metals, how to avoid them, and how to detox them.


You will lean about symptoms of deficiencies and excess of all of these elements

Mineral Balancing

We'll go over some basic information about mineral balancing with whole food nutrition and holistic methods.

whole food nutrition

Learn why whole food nutrition is the BEST way to heal.

Your mineral course and gut course are just amazing!! Everyone should enroll. I've learned soooo much listening to these audio lessons! You explain everything in such an easy and understandable way. Great job!!!
Happy Student

are you curious about how important nutrition truly is?

At Sassy Holistics, we believe in using whole food nutrition to find true health and wellness.  This course goes over everything you need to know about how nutrients work together. 


We’ll go over the co-factors and antagonists of each nutrient, what foods are best for replenishment, and other factors that contribute to deficiencies and imbalances.

ALL Minerals are important, which is why it is crucial to learn about how to truly balance them. If you are tired of chasing symptoms and trying to fix your deficiencies with supplements, this course is for you!


Nutrition isn’t “taking a pill for an ill” like conventional medicine.  It’s about finding your personal deficiencies and healing the body as a whole.  Take charge of your health and learn as much as you can on your healing journey!

This course has about 3 hours of video content, plus lots of written notes for more reading! Learn at your own pace, and you will also have access to this course forever.


Course Curriculum:
Mini Minerals Course Intro
Why Mineral Balancing Needs a Holistic Approach

The Four Main Minerals
Calcium and Magnesium: Two of our Most Important Minerals
Sodium and Potassium: Our Energizer Minerals

The Next Four Main Minerals
Copper and Zinc: Hormonal Balancing Minerals
Phosphorus and Iron: Our Last 2 Main Minerals

The Remaining Minerals, Heavy Metals, and Vitamins:
The Other Important Minerals
Heavy Metals
Vitamins A, B complex, and C
Vitamins D, E, and K

Learn about mineral balancing with whole foods