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When you aim to lose weight what are the first things that you think about to change? Diet and exercise, right? Well, did you know that there are many more factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to losing weight? Let’s go over some of the most important aspects of weight loss. It’s time to break our views on thinking that your weight determines how healthy you are!

Weight gain is very common while we are healing- read my whole post about that here.


Sleep is one of the most important things that helps with weight loss. Wait, what?! How is complete inactivity going to help me lose weight? Most people view sleep as something that we just have to do to survive. A lot of people either choose to avoid sleep or they have issues with insomnia because of underlying issues. This is a bad idea! We need sleep in order to probably recover from the days activities. During sleep, our livers and lymph system are working hard to detoxify and clear the body of excess toxins as well as regenerate damaged tissue. Toxins get stored in fat- if we can’t detox, then we can pack on the pounds pretty quickly!

There have been studies done on insomniacs and they have determined that those that get poor sleep have imbalances with the hormones leptin and ghrelin, both of which are important to help manage appetite. People who can’t or won’t sleep tend to overeat during the day because of this issue with these hormones.

How can we get better sleep? Check out my posts on Sleep Crutches and Fixing Circadian Rhythm.

Liver and Lymph

As I mentioned above, our livers and lymph work hard at night to mop up the toxins that we’ve accumulated. If we aren’t sleeping, we are going to have a hard time detoxing properly.  It’s kind of a chicken/egg situation though: did the poor sleep start first or did the toxin exposure? Either way, helping your liver and lymph ( as well as kidneys and colon!) can help you sleep as well as lose weight.

My main Liver and lymph tips:


It might seem strange that minerals could help you with weight loss but it is true! Most people are slow oxidizers which means that they have a slow metabolism.

The most common readings on the HTMA that are indicative of a tendency to gain weight are:

  • High calcium/magnesium ratio
  • High sodium or potassium (water retention)
  • Low sodium/potassium ratio as well as low levels can indicate a deficiency of stomach acid which impairs digestion. If stomach acid is low, it’s likely that bile flow is low as well!
  • Imbalanced zinc/copper ratio: zinc and copper are critical for sex hormone production and balance. An imbalance in these minerals and hormones can indicate liver dysfunction which impedes our ability to lose weight!

Fat, Protein, and Fiber

The misconception that fat makes us fat is finally starting to die down.  Fat is crucial for our health, and it can actually aid in weight loss.  It’s important to support the liver to aid in bile flow so we can utilize the fats we eat better as well! Protein can also aid in weight loss. I love whey protein for this purpose because it also helps to rebuild the liver and boost glutathione production to help detoxification.

Fiber helps balance blood sugar, aids in weight loss, and it helps to lower high cholesterol levels. Fiber can help reduce the severity of die-off from yeast, parasites, and other nasty stuff, which helps us lose the weight quicker. The faster the toxins can be swept out, the faster we can truly heal and lose the weight!

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And obviously, exercise!

We know that movement is important for our health, but there has to be a balance. Over-exercising can be detrimental to our health because of its ability to chronically raise cortisol levels, which leads to weight GAIN!  You can read about that in my latest post about exercising when you have no energy.

So shoot for easy and fun workouts:

  • Rebounding
  • Walking in nature
  • Swimming
  • Yoga or light stretching
  • Any sport that you enjoy playing
  • Zumba or just plain dancing

So there you have it! Please share away so we can stop doing these quick weight loss programs! It takes time to heal nutritional issues, and it will take time to lose the weight associated with these issues. Have patience, and have faith that your body knows what its doing. Sure, it’s tempting to “drop ten pounds in 2 days”- but what’s the price that your body pays for such a quick drop in weight? Go slow and do it right 🙂

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