Intuition and Research are BOTH Important

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I know, you might be like, “ALRIGHT, what prompted THIS post?!”

And you’d be right, there has been a huge reason why I feel the need to write this.

I’ve been in the natural health world for almost 8 years now. When I started out, there was not nearly as much info as there is now but it was really easy to just believe everything you read. That we need to supplement everything in high doses, that you NEED to eat a certain diet, etc.

Now there are 1,000,001 “experts” claiming to know it all when it comes to natural health, and there is ONE big issue with this. People do not know how to differentiate between GOOD and BAD information. It’s not our fault though- we’ve been brought up to ignore our intuition and to just trust the “experts”.

But this really needs to change! Please!

This is why Intuition AND research are so important. We have to learn how to listen to our inner guides, and we have to learn how to do research that leads us to truth. We cannot just take anyone’s word for anything anymore. You have to find people that you trust and that actually do the research to back up what they are saying.

I *always* put sources and link to other sites when I’m writing about health and wellness. Always! Because I never want anyone to just blindly put faith in anyone else. Do the reading yourself and make your own stance on topics. Do what FEELS right to YOU. Not just because someone else tells you to.

This can be SO hard, because like I mentioned before most of us grew up with no idea that we all have intuition. It was basically beaten out of us in grade school as we were made into compliant little worker bees.

Years of poor diets, toxin exposure, stress, and a society that is so backwards has also clouded our internal voice. We’ve been told to push through exhaustion, work ourselves to the bone each day, and then when it comes to diet we’ve got 3258894 “experts” claiming to know all about what diet is best for every single person in the world. With all of this outside influence, it is so hard to hear what is going on in our own mind and body.

AND to make matters worse- most studies are complete BS! They are forged, full of lies, or made out to be so biased because they are being funded by a specific company that wanted a certain outcome. Read more on that here!

So who do you trust?!

Trust yourself first, and then find others to trust. Understand that you do have intuition. Do you ever have a gut instinct about something? THAT is your inner voice, your intuition. I can tell you from experience that life gets a LOT easier when you start listening to yourself more.

Overall, learning to listen to your intuition is basically just learning how to trust yourself. You have to learn to tune out the outside voices and really look within. You hold the power to heal yourself! And you are the one that knows yourself best. Start small- starting asking yourself how you feel and what you’re in need of. Then start acting on the hunches you get, no matter how small.

If you see a post about health that seems interesting, read the whole thing. Then ask yourself, “does this seem right to me?” If it does, ask why. If not, ask why not. Then do a search online or on that person’s website to find MORE information to back up what the post says.

I see too many posts of people saying to take high doses of nutrients, or to fast for long periods of time, or to do harsh cleanses because it’s the ONLY way to detox. And then I see comment after comment from people that just believe it with no question. This is how people get hurt!

We might not have been taught much about intuition or critical thinking when we grew up but it is our responsibility to TAKE responsibility for ourselves now.

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