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HTMA Testimonials and Reviews

Curious about HTMA and what it can offer you? Check out some testimonials from our amazing clients.

“I had done a lot of healing before I came across Sassy Holistics and I was in two minds as to whether to use their services.  I am so glad that I opted to go for a htma and consult with Kristin! Her advice and recommendations were extremely helpful. After using synthetic supplements as part of my healing practice I was starting to find that I was struggling to maintain the good level of health I had initially achieved. Kristin’s approach made so much sense and confirmed what I had begun to suspect, that a lot of synthetic supplementation was the not key to balance or long lasting progress.

I have come across many practitioners on my healing journey that have offered good but often incomplete advice. I think Kristin is a person who truly gets what it means to heal naturally and on all levels. It has been great to work with someone who’s perspective is such a good fit with my own and who I felt so comfortable with.”
Since my consult I have fallen in love with and felt the benefits of herbal infusions – I feel as if I’m back on track again with my healing.
I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone who is looking to try the holistic approach to healing.

“Dear Kristin, Over the past few months, I’ve experienced a substantial improvement with all my symptoms. No UTI’s. No yeast infections. No illness. Better sleep. Better energy. Better life! I’ve been able to have more of a social life. I’m over the moon with how much more energy I feel! I credit you and your recommendations! I feel better than I have for over ten years! I’m so very grateful for you and your dedication to helping those of us who suffer with seemingly untreatable health issues. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤”

” I was referred to Sassy Holistics by my niece when she heard I was having a tough time with anxiety, lack of stamina and a decreased ability to handle stress. I was a mess with emotional breakdowns, lacking the ability to fix the problems in life. The recommendations from Kristin were really a major puzzle piece for me on my road back to health. I’ve been able discontinue 2 out of the 3 hormone replacement drugs I was on. Turns out if you give the body the nutrients it requires, it can fix itself. I’ve been most pleased by the holistic approach (it’s in the name, after all) and the “low and slow” philosophy to restoring balance in my system. Just as valuable is the input from the Sassy community that modern connectivity has allowed. The Facebook group is a great place to talk over problems and learn new avenues to approach physical and emotional upset. No one person it going to have all the answers – we ask too much from doctors and other medical professionals. There’s just no way to compete with the wiki approach to problem solving. I am very grateful for all the help I’ve received! “

“As far as functioning, i am doing better than i ever can recall, I can get through the day without being totally physically exhausted and i never remember being like that…overall compared to where i started it is night and day-i know i have a long way to go but i was really bad off. i feel this saved my life–i think everyone needs the service you provide, i tell them but no one i know listens-but it could spare people a lot of misery now and in the future i think”

My son with ASD had a MASSIVE turnaround using the HTMA process with Kristin. His symptoms (anxiety, sensory issues, inability to concentrate, lack of social skills, basically just a miserable kid) have dissipated by 75%. It’s truly amazing.

“Working on a plan with my HTMA has restored my faith in healing with food. I had been to a family dr, naturopathic dr, integrative medicine dr through out the course of 3 years and didn’t feel any better. Tired, insomnia, headaches/migraines 3/4 weeks a month. Thyroid checked out fine, adrenals checked out fine, minerals (blood tests) checked out fine, but I still felt crappy. Through a serendipitous interaction on FB I found out about a Kristin and her process this summer and got my HTMA done in July. I started with a healing crisis (increased insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety) which spooked me a little but had great communication with Kristin and we made a few adjustments to my plan and by my second month I was sleeping so much better, and handling stress so much better, and by the 3rd month I was able to implement my full plan. Years of not taking care of myself will take more than a couple of months to fix, but I saw more progress in those three months than in the years before it with the random drs. Because I had to go slow I waited to get my second HTMA done until 6 months after instead of three so that’s this month. I’m excited to see where’s it at and what to do next.”

“I am 9 months in working with Kristin. My first HTMA showed low sodium and potassium and extremely high calcium and magnesium, suggesting blood sugar regulation issues, adrenal fatigue and extremely sluggish thyroid. All of my symptoms matched up with this test (modern medicine said I was perfectly healthy, but I never felt good… They thought I was crazy). Focused on sodium for a few months (because I noticed a difference with eating more salt) and my anxiety came down (also tried a couple other suggestions of hers which were great). Also, taking in more sodium got rid of sugar cravings almost immediately! Got a second HTMA and things were improving (and so we’re my symptoms). Calcium and magnesium levels came down (a good thing for me), sodium to potassium ratio improved. She told me to keep working on sodium and potassium balance as they were actually lower on the second test (can signify the body is in stress or detoxing). I cannot recommend mineral balancing highly enough. I was skeptical at first but I am now a believer. Please understand this is not a quick fix program and it takes work. There will be setbacks, which is inevitable when the body is truly healing from the inside out. I have good days and bad days, but the good days are getting better and the bad days are getting fewer. Getting my third test next month and excited to see the changes. If you are debating about it, just do it! Best wishes! “

“Sassy Holistics and Kristin came highly recommended to me by a friend, a highly informed and educated Reiki practitioner. She has tried many things to help her and her family return to health. Some successful, some not so much. She has spent a great deal of time, money and effort. The work she did with Kristin including the HTMA is something that she felt gave her real answers and real results. I couldn’t agree more. The results were easy to understand and so were Kristin’s instructions and remedies. I am a medical intuitive with a worldwide following and I am very selective about the practitioners I use and especially the ones I recommend to my clients. I will highly recommend Kristin.” ~~Katie Beecher, MS, LPC Medical Intuitive Licensed Professional Counselor

“Within a few days of working on some basic healing, my gut symptoms disappeared. I am sleeping a bit better, and overall I have SO much more hope for healing now.

“Just wanted to brag on the HTMA process and one of Kristin’s team members – Breezy! I just completed my second HTMA about 10 months after my first and just had my consultation with Breezy. First, she went ahead and did all the analysis and consultation while she and her entire family are still recovering from the flu because she knew I was anxious to know my results – a real champion dedicated to the care and health of her clients!! Most of my results were improved after following the plan she developed for me last time and she did such a great job explaining the health journey – how my liver is waking up and how my body is using the different minerals – and encouraging me to continue and take some new steps as my health improves. It’s complicated but she makes this effort so worth it and I’m so grateful for the teaching and support to uncover the causes of the issues and how my body is created to work, not to just throw things at it to fix symptoms. Awesome company, process and consultant!”

We’ve been using Sassy Holistics for our whole family for several months, and we’re working with Kristin. The amount of progress we’ve all made with just simple, common sense plans has been incredible. Gut function is improving, mood and focus is getting better, and we are all feeling better than we have in years. Highly recommend, especially for how easy the plans are to follow!

Testimonial for Kristin, Mineral Maven and HTMA Consultant, Extraordinaire 🙂

I’ve been working with Kristin for the past few years. Since we began, Kristin has helped me to understand my mineral status and what it has meant for my body. Kristin has a great deal of knowledge in how to interpret the results and she has a unique ability to prioritize what needs to be worked on.

Kristin has been my greatest supporter, always showing empathy and patience. She has reassured me when certain markers were not normal. Her encouragement has helped me to keep the big picture in mind, so that I can see how what we’re doing fits in with my healing. She gives me hope that everything is going to be okay; and, sure enough, it always is.

Kristin is always willing to answer questions and she asks for my input to tweak her recommendations so they are individual to my needs. I have made steady improvement by following the program that she outlines for me. Each step along the way has shown me that HTMA analysis is the way to go, as evidenced by my increased energy, better sleep, and clearer thinking.

I love Kristin’s focus of supporting the body, so that it can heal naturally. Healing takes time. I’m proof positive that staying the course and doing the things she recommends really works!

Here are some reports from people I’ve gotten after a few months of following their HTMA protocols. I don’t usually share these as I don’t like sharing personal info, but I want people to know that you CAN heal!

  • 1 was able to drop their thyroid meds (work with your doc on this though please for best results!)
  • 1 went from being mostly bound to the couch to being active in a sport several times a week (in just 3-4 months time)
  • Several have had complete healing of all of their symptoms in about 6 months of time (with complete dedication to the program!)
  • Several have gotten pregnant after a few years of trying.

Many people start to notice improvements in digestion and sleep in the first few months, and then slowly they start to notice things like anxiety, skin issues, mood, and hormonal issues go away. Once you get the nutrition your body *needs*, you can start to heal.