HTMA Packages

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Nutritional Support · Holistic Healing· & Mineral Balancing

Hair tissue mineral analysis tests for crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper. It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues. HTMA’s main focus is on the ratios of the main minerals. The ratios show us trends in metabolism, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular health.

A properly read HTMA can help you to determine your gut function, liver health, if you’re using up nutrients due to stress (like infections, mold, etc), and more! If you are not sure where to start your healing journey, HTMA is your answer. It’s the best test to determine overall strength of the body, and can set up your foundation before you move on to work on underlying infections, mold illness, or heavy metal detox.

We believe in helping the body to gain strength FIRST before jumping into heavy detoxing. This way you can reduce the severity of detox reactions, prevent the wasting of minerals, and know exactly what needs the most work at this point in time.

What HTMA Can Help YOU With:

Fixing Mineral Imbalances and Deficiencies

Increase Nutrient Absorption

Supporting Overall Detox of Heavy Metals and other Toxins

Overall Health and Wellness

Supporting Adrenal Health

Strengthening Your Immune System

Supporting Women’s Health During Preconception, Pregnancy, or Postpartum

Sample HTMA Page 1 Main Minerals, Heavy Metals, Additional Elements

Why Sassy Holistics HTMA Is Different Than Most

Whole Food Nutrition

We don’t use 1000 supplements in our plans! Our goal is to help you HEAL. Not to get stuck on supplements for the rest of your life. If you’re on 10-20 pills a day based on “nutritional needs”- that is NOT holistic and it can create more issues in the long run. We use a blend of food recommendations, herbal remedies, and other holistic health practices in our plans.

Foundational Care

We work on basic foundational care that EVERYONE needs, no matter what your current health situation is. We work on gut healing, detox support, adrenal healing, and nutrient replenishment. These are are crucial to work on if you’re trying to heal from a chronic illness.

Personalized Plans

We tailor your plans for what YOU need as an individual. HTMA is an amazing tool, but for some reason it’s been used oddly for decades. They usually just make a supplement plan based on the lab’s recommendations- not on the person as an individual. I am one of the first people to do things differently and use HTMA the way it’s meant to be used- for biochemical individuality.

How to know if HTMA with Sassy Holistics is right for you:

You are tired of paying hundreds of dollars for dozens of supplements that you aren’t even sure do anything for you

You want to heal instead of just managing symptoms

You want to learn how the body actually works and why minerals are important

Your supplement graveyard keeps growing and you’re getting so frustrated about which path to take

You are either hoping to heal before having a healthy pregnancy, or you just want to ensure that you stay balanced during your current pregnancy

You have kids that are suffering with food intolerances, issues with focusing, or other issues and you want to support them naturally

You’re tired of going to places that give you the same exact protocols as everyone else

You want to feel empowered to heal yourself and your family instead of relying on conventional “health” methods.

What HTMA Shows Us


  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • zinc
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • manganese
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • selenium
  • sulfur
  • molybdenum
  • and 14 trace minerals including lithium and germanium

Heavy Metals

  • Antimony
  • Uranium
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium


  • Metabolic Rate/ Nervous system health: Calcium/Phosphorus
  • Vitality, Adrenals, and Life/Death Ratio: Sodium/Potassium
  • Thyroid : Calcium/Potassium
  • Hormone (Estrogen/testosterone/progesterone): Zinc/Copper
  • Adrenals: Sodium/Magnesium
  • Blood Sugar/Cardiovascular Health: Calcium/Magnesium
  • Underlying infection ratio: Iron/Copper

-Order HTMA Here-

Once you order, you will get an email within 1-2 business days from your practitioner. This email will have your next steps on how to proceed: the intake form to fill out for us, where to send your sample, and how to take the hair sample.

If you are getting a mailed kit, the kit will have a small paper scale that will help you measure the hair out correctly and the best way to take the sample. The sample is about one heaping TEASPOON of hair (about 100 milligrams weight-wise). It is not a lot of hair so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot.

What is the difference between a phone consult and email consult?

Since early 2020, Kristin has been doing only email consults for clients, and this has actually turned out to be a real hit with many clients. The email consults have literally everything written out- the analysis, the recommendations, and then a much more in-depth report on what is going on with your HTMA and why we recommend the specific items on our list.

This method has been so much easier to keep as a reference vs phone calls because you don’t have to remember everything that was said to you over a phone call: you can just check your report and read it over as many times as you need to! Email consults are available with both Kristin and Breezy, so if you are ordering with Breezy you can let her know which you prefer.

Check out our HTMA FAQ

What does your HTMA plan consist of?

Our plans include food recommendations based on nutrient needs, herbal remedies, and other natural remedies based on what you need as an individual. We tend to include recommendations for 4 main categories: gut healing, nutrient replenishment, adrenal/HPA axis support, and detox support. Since everyone has different imbalances and different symptoms going on we tailor our recommendations for each person. In general, our recommendations could look like this:

For gut healing, we make suggestions for healing and sealing the gut lining to reduce inflammation, support for increasing nutrient absorption, and microbiome support.

For mineral support, we include tailored recommendations based on your personal imbalances. Usually this consists of food ideas, herbal infusions, mineral baths, and sometimes targeted supplements for a specific range of nutrient needs.

For adrenal and HPA axis support, we recommend herbal blends that fit your specific HTMA profile and symptoms which can help with energy, sleep, and overall wellness.

For detox support, we recommend items for liver healing, bile boosting, lymph support, and other detox support based on your current needs (heavy metal detox, pathogen control, etc).

Every plan is different and we try our best to make our suggestions based on HTMA results and your current symptoms or concerns. When we support the body as a whole, healing is a lot less stressful on the body. Healing is not just about getting rid of the bad stuff- it is about replenishing the good stuff as well.

About Us at Sassy Holistics

Welcome to Sassy Holistics! My name is Kristin, and I’ve been on the path to help people achieve better health using whole food nutrition, mineral balancing, and holistic healing principles for since 2012.

The body is a whole and we must treat it as such! I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, certificates in Herbal Studies from Herbal Academy, and I am constantly learning more about health to help my clients and followers.

Our goal is to help you unleash your own inner healer! You already hold the power to heal inside you. Our role is as a guide to help you realize this potential.

In 2015, I started my journey into the natural health world by launching Sassy Holistics. I flew solo for a long time, but I was lucky enough last year to hire an amazing lady to help out. I am blessed to call Breezy a friend as well as an employee!

I trust Breezy completely and have really enjoyed working with her for the last 2 years. Breezy is intelligent, hard-working, empathetic, and dedicated to helping others heal.

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Did you know that the best way to get results with HTMA is to retest on time?

Hair tissue mineral analysis shows us about 3 months of time- it’s a very solid view on what your body has been doing when it comes to your mineral levels over a longer period of time (versus blood or other tests).   The main reason why we retest the HTMA every 3-4 months is huge- you want to make sure that you are still needing the program that you were originally put on!

I spoke with a client recently about this and it became so clear to me how important retesting truly is! On a retest, we saw how just in 3 months a significant change in one mineral level can start throwing off a few others. In this case, magnesium was getting pretty high in relation to the other nutrients but sodium barely budged. If we hadn’t retested and seen these changes, this person could have been still taking in too much magnesium and could potentially start to lower their sodium further as time goes on.

The hair test shows us about 3 months of time, so once you do start healing we can really see quick changes happen with our minerals. Retesting ensures that we’re either on the right track still and do not need to deviate too much from what we are doing, OR it could actually be that things have shifted so significantly that it would be time to change everything around.

I’ve also seen in just 3-4 months where the minerals get significantly better and then we can move onto the next stages of healing depending on what the person is going through- usually more detox support for things like EBV, parasites, heavy metals, etc.  Retesting gives us the best insight on how strong a person is getting in the process and when we can start introducing more into the healing program.

Retesting on time is the best way to ensure that you’re healing is on track and that you aren’t wasting time and money on things you no longer need.

We do offer a retest price for those that have tested with us in the last 6 months as well. Just click on the practitioner you ordered with last to see this option.

(sometimes we extend the time to retest to 5-6 months if we started super duper Turtle speed on the protocol though- when you speak to your consultant, they will likely give you a time-frame for you!)

Have a question? Interested in our family discount? Contact us! We try to get back within 1-2 business days.