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HTMA New Year Sale

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We’re barely a week into 2021 but things are already feeling different- what do you think? I feel like this year is going to be HUGE for those that are ready to truly heal and take charge of their health.

To help get that started, we’ll be having our New Year sale a bit earlier than usual! For the next 10 days, save 10% off any new or retest HTMA with Kristin or Breezy.

Use the code SASSY2021 at checkout to get your 10% off until 1/16/2020

Order with Kristin Here!

Kristin offers email consults for HTMA. An email consult includes: your lab results, a 10+ page personalized analysis and list of suggestions, email support for 2 months for general questions and updates about your plan, and a 15 page guide on general health tips to work on.

Order with Breezy Here!

Breezy offers phone or email consults. These consults consist of:

  • HTMA Test, Consult and Written Analysis
  • 1 Hour Phone Call or Email Consult with Breezy
  • 2 Months Basic Email Support After Consult
  • Written List of Recommendations

What is HTMA?

Hair tissue mineral analysis tests for crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper. It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues. HTMAโ€™s main focus is on the ratios of the main minerals. The ratios show us trends in metabolism, thyroid health, adrenal health, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular health. A properly read HTMA can help you to determine your gut function, liver health, if youโ€™re using up nutrients due to stress (like infections, mold, etc), and more!

Over the last 5-6 years I have read thousands of HTMAs and have perfected using them for truly holistic health. If you are tired of supplements and tired of diets, then our HTMA service can help you to finally HEAL and break free.

You can read even more about HTMA here.

Sample HTMA:

MINERALS are the spark plugs of life. Without them, we cannot function!

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