Learn to use Mineral Balancing with Holistic Nutrition

What this Course is about

My goal with this course is to give the absolute essentials needed to read and interpret HTMAs, and give you the confidence and knowledge needed to help others that embark on a mineral balancing protocol. My approach with HTMA uses a true holistic outlook with whole food nutrition and healing the body as a whole.

Who this course is for

This course is best for current health professionals that want to add HTMA to their existing practice or those that just want to learn all about HTMA and mineral balancing the Sassy Holistics way. There will be an optional final test to complete that you will be able to email directly to me in order to get a Certificate of Completion. You will also have the chance to join our small Facebook group of class participants that are either other practitioners or HTMA enthusiasts.

What you get with this course

Over 5 hours of content explaining all of the important information pertaining to HTMA. You get all of the notes that I have on these topics, as well as links for more learning if desired. If you are a practitioner doing this course, you have the option to do the Final Test option, which I look over and provide some more materials (ideas for intake forms, how to start a blog, my favorite remedies, and more). Also, there is an option for further 1-on-1 training if needed.

Choose the perfect plan

We have 3 options for those wishing to complete the HTMA course.  Certificate of Completion will only be given once all payments are made.


One payment

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2 monthly payments

Frequently asked questions

HTMA is gaining popularity in the natural health world, but using it in a “holistic” manner isn’t as common as you’d think. Many are still stuck with the synthetic supplements and allopathic thinking, and many more don’t even get proper training with HTMA- they just use the printout they get from the lab with the generic recommendations on there. I got SO much hate and disrespect from other practitioners when I started to question things too, but I just knew that there needed to be a different way of doing things that made more sense.

Reading an HTMA is not like a blood test. Meaning, high levels don’t always mean high, and low levels don’t always mean you need to add more of that nutrient in. It is meant to be viewed as a whole- the levels, the ratios, and the person that is being tested. The value is in the interpretation you get from a qualified practitioner.

What is HTMA and what does it test for

The Main Ratios

The Main Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium

The Next 4 Main Minerals: Zinc, Copper, Phosphorus, and Iron

The Other Minerals on HTMA

Heavy Metals

My Remedies and Protocols

Other Information (Blood tests and other helpful tests)

You can view the entire curriculum here

Minerals that HTMA tests for:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • zinc
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • manganese
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • boron
  • selenium
  • sulfur
  • molybdenum
  • and 14 trace minerals including lithium and germanium

Heavy metals:

  • Antimony
  • Uranium
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium

With all of these mineral levels, we can get an idea on these issues based on the ratios between the minerals:

  • Metabolic Rate/ Nervous system health: Calcium/Phosphorus
  • Vitality, Adrenals, and Life/Death Ratio: Sodium/Potassium
  • Thyroid : Calcium/Potassium
  • Hormone (Estrogen/testosterone/progesterone): Zinc/Copper
  • Adrenals: Sodium/Magnesium
  • Blood Sugar/Cardiovascular Health: Calcium/Magnesium
  • Underlying infection ratio: Iron/Copper

Minerals are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, inhibitors or even as the enzyme themselves. Enzymes are what keeps our bodies running. When we are low on minerals or if they are imbalanced, our bodies cannot physically function correctly. We look at the whole picture with HTMA- levels, ratios, and the person’s individual symptoms.

I wrote this entire post for resources that show the importance of minerals. They are need for hormones, energy levels, adrenals, thyroid, colon, brain, muscles, joints, and literally every part of our bodies. Mineral deficiencies are at the root of nearly all major chronic illnesses these days, and they are essential to work on for every single person.

Blood, saliva, urine, and stool samples are only able to show that exact moment in time that they were tested. They are a snapshot of what is going on, and they can change significantly within minutes or hours. A hair sample shows us about 3-4 months of time so it gives a MUCH better view on how you are using your minerals.

Because of this time frame, it is easier to manage plans and protocols. Testing every 3-4 months is a long enough time to start seeing changes in symptoms, and when we’re retesting we’re able to adjust the plan when needed so healing becomes more streamlined. HTMA is not a test for 1 time use- things can change quickly when you are starting a plan, and external factors can start to change results too (especially stress!).

For those with the ability to get your own lab account I highly recommend TEI, but ARL is also good.  You should be able to start your own HTMA consulting with your own account.

*Please keep in mind that some states/countries have restrictions on who can order HTMAs. For example, in the USA, New York state does not allow HTMA (as well as many other health related tests). Check with the labs to see if you are able to order from them first. The labs are pretty lenient with who can open an account with them too, so I recommend calling or emailing them to find out if you qualify. This course is best for those that are already health practitioners of some sort, or for those that really just want to learn more about minerals even if you don’t plan on starting a practice of your own.

I highly recommend doing some more holistic nutrition courses as well to further your knowledge in this area. Never stop learning!

Our Students say

“Kristin’s class was incredibly informational and was made easy to understand even to a novice. She made sure to answer any question posed and was very pleasant to work with. I would recommend her class to anyone interested in HTMAs or just the body’s minerals in general.”
“Most balanced HTMA class I have ever taken, plus there is such a bigger focus on actually using food, herbs, and more holistic ways to heal instead of popping 20 pills a day. Having gone through the HTMA process with Kristin personally myself, I found this class to be enlightening and I understand the WHY behind it all so much better now. This course is for those that was a more modern take on mineral balancing and for those that want to break free from the protocols, synthetic supplements, and isolated nutrients. This class is packed with info, especially considering the price- most other classes out there are more than double the price and still don’t explain things this well!”
” Loved the class! Definitely helped me understand HTMA more and I love your approach to balancing minerals with food and letting the body heal in its own time on its own schedule. I still don’t understand how you know if a mineral is actually what the HTMA says or its being dumped, but I need to study more on my own and look at lots of HTMA’s. I also love that you have tried everything that you suggest and I plan to do the same. I won’t recommend something unless I have tried it. Thanks Kristin!!!”
Satisfied Student of HTMA Class​
“This course was very well done. It did help me understand so much more about balancing the minerals and understand why certain people will react they way they do based on what comes back in their tests. I’m glad you recorded everything and I noticed you put the chat screens up on some of them too. I think that will be so helpful to go back over as I start analyzing tests.”
Another Satisfied Student of HTMA Class​

This course is taught by:

Kristin has been utilizing HTMA in her nutritional practice for over 4 years now. It is the single most effective test at figuring out a person’s personal biochemistry. HTMA shows the base of our health: our mineral levels! Minerals are what run the enzyme reactions in the body. Without them, we just cannot function. Kristin’s approach to HTMA is different than most because she uses true whole-body healing and food-based nutrition in her protocols. No massive amounts of pills each day, no crazy detox programs, no strict diets- just a common sense nutritional approach that is easy, effective, and well-tailored to individuals.

Kristin runs the holistic website Sassyholistics.com where you can learn more about mineral balancing and its importance in overall health. She has been helping people heal from chronic illnesses over the last few years with her nutritional practice and is now working on sharing her methods with other practitioners so that they can do the same.